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Created by xantar on March 15, 2012, 7:22 p.m.
  • @lane: I was on earlier :)
  • @WolfOfOne:

    I kind of have no clue what's going on now. I didn't have any of my stuff when I spawned (which bummed me out because I had a pig saddle and a record), and there's so much new crap in the game that I have no clue about. The last time I played was before biomes and Hell and whatever else has been added.
  • @lane: Yeah, I've been playing this whole time and even I haven't seen most of the stuff that has been going on, so I can only imagine what it's like for you!!  You are memorialized in the Hall Of Heroes in Newfoundland though :P
  • Are carts working for anyone else?  I haven't been able to use them in a few days.
  • nice, rain and snow will be interesting.  I wonder if there will be a mod that only comes out during storms :P
  • @WolfOfOne: yes the illusive Rain Pig
  • ok my minecraft ADD has kicked in and Cesson and I have founded a new city.  We call it Lake Zojirushi. So go forth and build!

  • @cesson: very nice, i like how it came out
  • @cesson i like how there is a huge tower and then a little shack next to it lol
  • Thanks for making me a builder on the server:) 
    Here is the view from my new house:
  • @Rallier: So much hotness.
  • @Rallier: That's awesome :D.  When is this planned to release (i checked his blog but couldn't find a date)?  This will look great once the HD Photorealism pack is updated with snow and rain textures :D
  • @Rallier: Awesome, the sooner the better :D
  • I know its kinda old but the Minecraft Soundtrack is out on C418's music store for only 4 bucks!
  • Hello and welcome to TST Cribs. In tonights episode we will be taking a look at the newest castle on the block - Blueberry Castle!

    This has been TST Cribs. Thanks and see you next week
  • @captainuselessd: Make sure you have the graphics on Fast and the fog turned on.
  • @captainuselessd: No probs, check out my Minecraft commentary for some wholesome Minecraft tips ;) ahah. I don't want to post the link again but there's a thread on it in the Games forum
  • @captainuselessd: Thanks!
  • @Rallier ha yep i kno wat ill be doing!
  • @darkdragonsoul99: You need to ask a mod (light blue name) to promote you.
  • Hey, just want to warn people that I'm going to be wandering around the servers a bunch so you don't kick me for being someone from the random dregs of the internet. Username is Greckle.
  • @captainuselessd i dont think there are. you may be able to talk a mod into helpong you get some
  • @Rallier said:
    (and what it will break). "
    haha, good point :P
  • ah noooo :*(
  • @captainuselessd: I believe gates are still hit or miss as far as working
  • @WolfOfOne: oh yeah wolf, i finished up the outside of the wall at wolfslyvania, i left that space because it was kind of like that before, so i didnt know how you wanted it i would work on it more but i just picked up both Trons on bluray so tron-a-thon
  • @coopdegra: Awesome!  Yeah, there's supposed to be a bit of space to see outside of the wall.  I worked on it a bit earlier but I didn't get much done :P
  • @Rallier: from the sound of notch today on twitter, should be out tomorrow so he can enjoy portal 2 faster

  • Server is now 1.5 .. and will be stock minecraft until a canary update is released...