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Created by xantar on March 15, 2012, 7:22 p.m.
  • @coopdegra: YES, it looks perfect. I found it on the online map and are going to check it out now!
  • @cesson: oh the valley is uneffected, but someone built a " double pyramid" but that person is named heartmountains and if memory serves be correct they have been banned, so destroy it all you want
  • Hello everyone. I may be back. Server keeps timing out, though.
  • @Rallier: neat, i guess its time to build my own sky island 
    EDIT: I have just finished my "island" it is more of an airship, but i couldnt get the "rope" to look nice, if anyone want to help on that feel free
  • @Rallier: wow that's pretty cool, it would make it possible for some interesting structures, maybe we can get it implemented in our server
  • Interesting mod, but just like furniture and a few others it is currently single player only
  • so should i update, because i dont think ill be able to use the server if i do
  • @Rallier: eh i might as well update anyway, i can wait until xantar updates and what not
  • so are we keeping hey0 or are we going to switch to bukkit
  • 1.4 is online now......
    and since everyone is impatient it is in vanilla mode again.
    NO MODS work right now. and probably wont for a bit.
    Health is on. death sucks. Not sure where spawn is right now, be CAREFUL.
  • @xantar said:
    " Not sure where spawn is right now, be CAREFUL. "
    Oh, I think it's still in the new spawn area.  I briefly observed someone who might have been new (SisterBob I think it was) being trapped up there.
  • Damn the update broke the HD texture pack i was using :P  Ah well
  • Hey guys so I finally sprang for a Minecraft copy...now what do I need to do to get rockin' with you guys? 
    My account name is JefferyDuke 
    I've already spent a few hours toying around in single player and I think i'm ready to part with the cool kids. 
    Edit: Oh my god guys, I think i'm gonna cry at how beautiful Testopia looks. It's absolutely stunning. I've only just begun exploring but I reached City Hall just as night fell and i'm standing at the top...you guys are freakin' amazing!
  • @patronics: right, no warp or gates.
  • @Rallier: I believe so
  • The server is now running canary Mod http://canarymod.net/ 
     All mods are back up and working.   Enjoy!
    I am also doing cleanup on the warp list. if yours gets deleted msg me, thanks.
  • I think i have decided on my new project, to finish redoing the midway bridge on mainland, i plan to start tomorrow, anyone who wants to help is more than welcome
  • @coopdegra: Finally :P 
    haha, I'm only kidding! :D  Seeing as it's my bridge, I'm inclined to help :D
  • @WolfOfOne: i believe evilgordita started redoing it, but hasn't finished it, so im taking things into my own hands
  • @coopdegra: Yep, he redid a lot of it, but hasn't had time lately so I was supposed to finish it.  I've been busy with wolfsylvania though
  • @SisterBob: @katka:  I'm not sure when the other Ops are on, but I will be on around 2:30 EST or 8 EST, these are rough times so you might catch me sometime around then, and ill promote you. 
    The other ops im aware of are Rallier, and i believe evilgordita and maybe wolfofone
  • In case any one hasn't seen a fellow tested member has made a minecraft texture, i started using it today and i must say i really dig it  
    here's the link to the post  http://www.tested.com/forums/games/9/my-minecraft-texturepack/7233/
  • @coopdegra:  I started retrofiting the midway bridge today, haven't got much done but it's a start.
  • @WolfOfOne: we made a lot of progress last night, its looking good
  • @coopdegra: I'll take a look today :)
  • I would love to join this server and help you guys out. After doing my texture pack I got the urge to play minecraft more. 
    My username in minecraft is Mfrogner
  • @Scooopex: If you ever see me on, I'll promote you.  The other mods are Rallier, Coopedegra, Xantar, and I think I'm missing someone..
  • @WolfOfOne: evilgordita

  • Somebody had taken some of the sand and gravel out of the bottom of the Mainland's triforce, so it was looking a bit droopy.  So I rebuilt it with yellow cloth.

  • I haven't played Minecraft in a long-ass time. I just hopped on the server and nobody was around, but I'll try again later.