MINECRAFT: Tested.Com Official and ever expanding server!

Created by xantar on March 15, 2012, 7:22 p.m.
  • @JeffreyGee: at one point someone was going to set one up but I dunno what ever came of it.
  • @Rallier: I'm not sure that's it. It is kinda hard to tell by that tweet.
  • @Rallier:  hey rallier, whats happening, since you are a mod now, why don't you go and sticky this post, yeeeaaaaa that'd be great mkay
  • @coopdegra said:
    " @Rallier:  hey rallier, whats happening, since you are a mod now, why don't you go and sticky this post, yeeeaaaaa that'd be great mkay "
    This :P
  • If I remember correctly, the seed is the random number that is used to generate the level.
    So if you have the seed you can generate the same level multiple times.
  • @Rallier: i guess my office space reference didn't work
  • @Rallier: well rules is rules you gonna use a lighter on the road you get banned
  • Good to see the tested.com server still up and running. Maybe someone can make a video on the new sites since back when Will and Norm showed some minecraft on the happy hour  http://www.tested.com/whiskey-media-happy-hour-10012010/47-151/ 
    I have not played minecraft in a long time. I should play it some on my PC when I get home. I used to stay up late at night playing this game.
  • @Rallier said:
    " @viderian: that would be a loooonnggg video.  "
    Last time I was on you guys were starting on the rail road but the carts did not work yet. I am still amazed on how quick you guys build stuff. I was digging away underground and when I cant up on to the surface you guys build this long-ass railroad and cool town. Minecraft is great.
  • Hey guys, there's a Vent server address listed in xantar's opening post in this thread.
  • @Rallier: unfortunately, maybe if the bans were connected it would give people a little more incentive to follow the golden rule :P
  • @Rallier: haha, yeah i saw that :P
  • @Rallier: i seem to always wind up in these pictures
  • So my daughter is playing minecraft on the Tested server so we would like building permission. :)  
    Here's proof.  

    Our minecraft name is GozerTC.  Thanks! 
  • @GozerTC: I saw you on but you seemed afk, next time im on ill promote you, the other mod is Rallier
  • @coopdegra: No worries.  She might have been driving at the time. She was spinning around, jumping and looking.  (She knows how the space bar and mouse works. :p)  
  • @evil_gordita: Don't tell us about shit we should know about. :)
  • server seems messed up again. Everything is super slow and there are a bunch of half-burning frozen skeletons everywhere
  • Yep.
  • Failed to connect to server. Server down we need a MEDIC!
  • I am unable to connect at 8 AM on 3/26.  Not sure if it's server or my work comp. :) 
  • yea the server is definitely down
  • @xantar: could it be all the busted portals and the mobs? 
    Edit: still getting Error failed to connect
  • Hopefully things are more stable now
    All Mobs are off now. It is related to the portals and the version of hmod. The more stable version of the gate mod is all button activated all the time. but lets see if this is more stable.
  • @xantar: Things are running much more smoothly now :)
  • Oh man, I haven't played Minecraft in so long. How has the server been going?
  • @pat4327: Ever expanding :).  Griefers are under control now aswell.
  • @WolfOfOne: Excellent! I foresee much building in my future!

  • New Structure:  Wolf Manor 
    (Under Construction as of 3-27) 
    Sponsored by member WolfOfOne