MINECRAFT: Tested.Com Official and ever expanding server!

Created by xantar on March 15, 2012, 7:22 p.m.
  • Server Status: ONLINE (8/1/12) Running 1.3.1 Vanilla

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    Ground Rules:

    -the server is not afk friendly. AFKing will get you kicked (not banned)

    -do not make changes to other people's creations or attempt to infringe on their building space without their permission. If you're unsure if something belongs to someone, assume it does.

    -DO NOT Build Directly on established Paths

    -Do Not build giant ugly structures and abandon them

    -do NOT raid chests.

    -the golden rule: don't be a dick.

    -Have fun!

    I'm new... help!

    We've got you covered. There isn't an ingame tutorial (yet), but here is some material to help you get started in game.

    1. [Wiki] Minecraft Crafting Guide - recipes for many in-game items.
    2. [Video] How to Survive your First night [in Minecraft] - gives excellent insight on the basic aspects of minecraft. Building, crafting, etc.
    3. [Text] Mind the Gap - Rock Paper Shotgun's own Minecraft guide to getting started.
    4. Start small. Choose a project that you can achieve, then branch out and experiment!

    Alright. I'm ready.

    Cool. You can join the server at minecraft.xantar.net. The server works on a light-moderation, heavy-consequence basis: if you do something that really ruins the gameplay for other players, you can be handed a lengthy account ban on the server. Offenses and account suspensions on the Minecraft server are in no way affiliated, linked or related to your Whiskey media/Tested account - they're two separate entities, and you will not receive a ban on the forums for anything done on the Minecraft server.

    To get into the Minecraft server, you'll first need to register and purchase a paid account at minecraft.net. After you have done so, you can either play the the game through the browser, or download the client .exe from the Minecraft website. Please note that you'll need Sun Microsystem's Java to play Minecraft. Once you have accessed the game (either through the desktop client or through your browser), you will want to click on 'Multiplayer' and type in the server address, minecraft.xantar.net.

    I can't Login. Help!

    You are not White-listed. please go here, and apply

    or in the whitelist topic @ forum.xantar.net

    Server Cartograph

    A final map was generated on 3/18/2012. it is frickin Huge!

    There is a server map at map.xantar.net (big-ass tectonicus)

    Misc Server Information

    The server is running offsite at a vmlweb server.

    Other Info & Funding

    The server runs on community donations.More details @ forum.xantar.net

  • Memories of the Past:




    Videos of the Past:

  •                Had to post this again   
        September 18 2010 - March 19 2011
  • Seeing that video has me hoping to dip back in.  

    Username: gooee
  • @Rallier: from talking to xantar on the server for a little, he said theres some bad weather happening where we is, IE trees falling down, power being off for a while.
  • It is back up. some gates are broken. Post broken ones if you want to.
  • Why are there enemy mobs on the server?
  • @darkdragonsoul99: You don't need to ever worry about knowing if your structure is ugly or not, we will most likely put a sign on the building saying its ugly or post about in on this thread.  The only one who reserve judgement for actually taking down a building are Xantar and the other Ops, and even as an Op i will always ask Xantar to remove a building.  If your building is giant and ugly, but its in the middle of nowhere then your fine, but if its giant and ugly and right at the main spawn or infringing on someone else's building spot, then we have a problem. I hope i answered your concerns
  • @falco_eagle:  Mobs are now on, but health is off, also creepers are off

  • Hey guys, I applied last week sometime..any chace of obtaining membership so I can get creative? 
    User: snapit5 
  • Man I haven't dropped by the minecraft server in a long time, maybe after I get through all these exams I'll drop in for some fun. Do I still have building abilities?
  • @LtSquigs: if not, I'm sure we can rank you up, anything for the man who built the sky island.
  • I would like in. 
    Username: TXPhisher
  • @LtSquigs: yeah if you need promoted, I can vouch for you're adv builder status at least :)  Sky Island is still standing, the wolves of wolfsylvania must scare the griefers away ;)
    also, I found the hall of heroes today.  nice :) 
    Where's the wall of shame? :P
  • I would hop on but my laptop can't play Minecraft for crap lol.  I'm just going to have to wait until my desktop is back up and running.
  • I used to love walking around seeing all the cool stuff people built, gives me ideas for the server I run. Sign me up please: welshons
  • @Rallier: Just tried now, but I don't believe anyone was on. I'll try again later :)
      Good times  
  • https://twitter.com/#!/jeb_/status/50550632528097280 

    When you sleep in a bed it will set your respawn point (in beta 1.4). Doesn't work if you remove the bed #minecraft

  • Question: How do you guys get your resources? Do you let users spawn them or do they have to farm them? Or is there some other way I don;t know about?
  • @TheBootlegSaint: I couldn't get in either... 
    @Rallier:  What about kits?
  • @nick: type /kit for a list of available kits 
    then type /kit [kitname] to receive that kit.
  • What plugin do you use for that? I switched my vanilla server over to bukkit and so far I just have a warping plugin installed. Seeing the crazy things built on the Tested server made me think that you guys used console to get mats...Some structures are just so big its nuts
  • @nick: hmod maybe?  I'm not sure what Xantar uses.
  • @Rallier: Ok cool.. Well either way I'd love to get into this community...when the server goes up I'd love to be added
  • @Rallier: A lot of mining on my part since I could never get the duping bug to work for me :P
  • Just wanted to pop in here and thank you guys for showing me around the server last night. Looking forward to exploring some more and adding to this great server.
  • @Rallier: yeah, that happened a lot for me as I was OCD about how to organize items in the chest to make it easier to find.. next thing I know half of the stuff I moved to other boxes were destroyed lol.
  • And the tool dupe bug... I had diamond axes coming out my ears.

  • Does Tested have a TS or Vent?