battlefield: bad company 2

Created by norman on March 15, 2012, 7:21 p.m.
  • anyone else playing this? what are your favorite servers/game modes/maps? i love panama canal in the Rush mode, and play on PC Gamer's War Bagel server. 
  • I'm getting it with my new PC.
  • I wish I could get this game on the PC. I hear it's mad hard to run though and all I have is a laptop.
  • @mikeon said:
    " Will Smith is a recon whore. He also presses E while in the UAV.  With my friends, we love playing squad deathmatch in clan servers where it's usually 2 other clans in there as well to see who does the best.  Otherwise it's conquest or rush on the PC Gamer server. Favorite map so far is Panama Canal for me. Good mix of armor battles and lots of hiding spots for infantry to fight each other. "
    I hit e all the friggen time. 
    Me </3 e. 
     BC2 is great, though. I play on The War Bagel, and usually reduce my team into a small smoldering pile of fail. Hope to play with you guys soon. :D
  • I liked Isla Inocentes the one time I got to play it, seems pretty nice for Recons :D
  • It's a fantastic game. Love the multiplayer.
  • I'm playing it on PC, it's pretty BA.  I hate Panama Canal and White Pass, but otherwise it's great.
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  • Playing a little on 360, kind of got burnt out on the demo though.
  • Tearing it up on the 360, it's endless fun.
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  • Seen the quicklook and thought it looks ok.
  • RWC Tactical is a really good Conquest server.  I don't much care for Rush.
  • I play it, but I'm pretty disappointed. Nice graphics and SUPERB audio, but the gameplay is not good enough. Guns do FAR to little damage in the multiplayer, and while there are other bad faults with it (no prone etc.), this is by far the game breaker for me.  The PKM kills with 8-9 shots... Sucks. :<
  • I've been loving it on the PC, once I fixed my punkbuster issues (if you're having problems with punkbuster go google the error message). No prone is weird but I can deal with it. After playing the PS3 and PC beta the gameplay is still great and tons of fun.
  • @WarCrime342:  
    Worth noting that just because somebody is playing Recon, doesn't mean they can't be on the front lines with the rest of the team.  I don't always use a sniper rifle when I'm playing Recon, there are other options ^^
  • I havent got it yet, I am too busy with Final Fantasy XIII at the moment. Maybe I might pick it up later.
  • Still considering if i should buy it.
  • I play when I get the chance, although between work, coding and my sickness, time spent playing the game has been near-zero this week. 
     Unfotunately haven't even played enough to have favourite/unfavourite maps. 
    I did finish the campaign, though... and sccrreeww you Sangre del toro. Screw. You.
  • I love Isla Inocentes.  My friends and I have started to get crazy good with using the Tracer Darts on helicopters.  
  • @will said:
    " @extremeradical: Isla Inocentes is great for Rush. "
    I disagree because there is a very cheap tactic that the attackers can use on the first set of crates. It's when they have someone blow up one crate, and then the entire team snipes on the hill and when they are about to use, all of the snipers do a mortar strike on the last crate which collapses the building and causes them to regain all 74 or their tickets.
  • After renting it since launch, I decided to Keep it from Gamefly.  EA finally convinced me after all of the shit I've gotten with getting kicked out of the game because I don't have the VIP maps.
  • This game is pretty nice. I'm currently sick and haven't gotten much play time in, but it isn't full of camping noobs and stuff like in other games that I also love (ie Modern Warfare 2). I don't know how much I'll get to play it once I'm better though. I plan on playing Metro 2033 and then Just Cause 2 next week. And, of course, Pokemon!

  • got it for the 360 and the PC and lovin every minute.
  • I play on 360, where there are no server lists   :(
  • Bad Company 2 might be the best multiplayer shooter of all time. There is some weapon balancing that needs to be done, but it's a shooter where you don't need to be good at shooters to do well. I generally snipe, but I've had rounds where I finish at the top of the scoreboard without firing a single shot, just because I ran around healing and reviving as a medic. If Dice don't treat it like 1943 and decide to actually support this game, it will have a very strong community for years to come. 
  • this game's got some definite 'sues, but i still like it and play it way too much.
  • Getting it for 360

  • I was considering getting it during the steam deal earlier this week, but ended up getting Mirror's Edge, Dead Space, Crysis, and Dragon Age instead. Also, I used the C&C 4 bug to get into the Medal of Honor beta for the PS3 version of the game, so that's enough Dice multiplayer for me.