Boring RPG

Created by Rallier on March 15, 2012, 7:12 p.m.
  • @Rallier:
    wow that is remarkably entertaining
  • @Rallier: That kind of reminds me of Progress Quest, a "game" in which you turn it on...and let it go. Sort of like folding, actually. You let it run and gain points (levels, items, whatever).
    Seems like this one is slightly more interactive and as you said, kinda addicting.
  • @Rallier:
    I only have "
    +2 Common Swift Wand22 - 27

  • I love how the cooldown on each click takes slightly longer then the last. It's helping me through this class, at least. :D

  • I love that its been monotized to buy tokens to reduce the click timer.
  • ZOMG I'm not going to get anything done for the rest of the day now.

  • hmmmmm I assumed the tokens would reset the timer entirely and let it restart building from 0 but it does not :( simply stops the timer and you can hit play then it goes back to what it was
  • Wow, the graphics on that game are terrible ;) jk
  • @Rallier:
    did it twice by accident already lol
  • @Rallier: Ye I found that out the hard way lol.

  • Booyah 

    The party box contained 140 coins!


  • @Rallier:
    go to world and click on vote, if you take 5 seconds to vote for the game you can get 4 tokens
  • I've lost every battle so far.
  • @Ben_H:
    need weapons and armor even cheap ones will fix that
  • I'm willing to waste some time on this, anything I can do to help make a guild?
  • @Rallier: Ok then, I'm just gonna make a bot to automatically do the game and then worry about that stuff later.
  • Wicked, works on iphone
  • @Rallier: Wait react to the text in what way? To avoid dying or something? I was just going to have it hit the button regularly, and check my hp to make sure its not below a certain threshold.
  • That is pretty cool. Dual screens make this totally worthwhile, plus i'm always looking for things to do while listening to podcasts. 
    Also, I just ate a zombie. This is cool. 
  • @Rallier: Oh right, yeah thats easy enough to get around. I just have it check how much time is left from the title of the page, and wait that many seconds before checking to see if its ok to press the button (delaying a little longer until it's absolutely sure it's ok). I haven't really ever used Javascript before so it took me a little bit to make it (about 20 mins). If anyone wants it I can toss it up somewhere, it's a simple greasemonkey script so it should work with FF and Chrome (and it appears to be working).
  • @LtSquigs: I'll help you beta test it :P
  • Here I'll toss it in pastebin, just save it to a file and name it whatever.user.js It's a Greasemonkey Script(To install in chrome just drag and drop it into the window, I don't know how to on firefox). 
    EDIT: Oops, just had an early click. Don't know if that was a script issue or me accidentally hitting the click button. 
    Also to use it, just open the main play button page and leave it there.
  • Seeing as I thought this was a potential scam I am duder24

    I also would grab that script if it works
  • @LtSquigs: Seems to be working okay for me so far. 
    EDIT: I had to refresh the page, but it's working now.
  • Yeah I'm not sure what could be causing it. I kind of want to leave it like that so it looks less like a bot XD 
    Also I wish my avatar could contain that wizard hat, because it is awesome.
  • @Rallier: Totally possible, I thought I restricted it to only work on the /game page but maybe that is the problem. I can try and fix it later.
  • @Rallier: possibly, i clicked manually once right as it switched (pretty much when it was on 1/0 seconds left) and it when to you can click now as the click went through and it said I clicked too soon so maybe another small delay is needed in the script.
  • It could also simply be a small delay between the server and the websites time.
  • @Rallier: Straight to cash for me. 10 tokens? Fuck that.
    Although I now have a +5 Rare Birthday Axe and a +1 Rare Green Party Hat. Why "birthday"? I have no idea.

  • @Mirado: How do you get tokens in the game?  Is it random?  All I know is I've been selling most of the tokens I have for serious coin :P