Super Monday Night Combat Beta Keys

Created by HeadNodShy on March 15, 2012, 6:56 p.m.
  • Any other Testes got keys to share?

    Have (PM them your Steam username or email address):

  • I don't currently have a PC that can run it but I know my cousin would like one, your call on whether or not to pass it on to a non Teste as he is not one. Much thanks regardless.

  • @HeadNodShy: if you still have them, i'll take one

  • I have one as well, if anyone needs.

    Keys are claimed, sorry!

  • @kbods: If you could PM coopdegra to get him a key, I'd be much obliged :)

  • I'd be happy to take a code off someones hands.

  • Just gave my last one to @aGamingPenguin, I'm all out now.

  • Hey guys, I'm already in SMNC but I would really appreciate it if I could get a key for my friend. All my other friends are in now, but hes still looking for one.

  • @samuo I have one. PM me your steam id and I'll hook you up.
  • @cline1994: I'll send you one my steam name is Mukky. Just accept my friend invite and then I can send it to you.

  • I would like a beta key for SMNC, loved the first one, hyped for the second installment.

    If anyone is generous, I'd very much appreciate it.

    My steam profile is:

  • I also would like a beta key please. If anyone could spare a key, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Played the first, liked it very much. The second seems to have completed the formula. Would love to get to play this.

    Steam name is gutblaster.

  • I'd love to key, so excited can't wait to play it!

  • Hey i was looking for something to entertain me, I generally play Dota 2 and other series (Dota 1, HoN, LoL, Realm of Titans) but they are starting to bore me. Im into these kind of games and was wondering if someone could throw me a key. Name is Redmist0997 on steam if your feeling generous. I'd really appreciate it if you could. Thanks.

    -nevermind ^_^ thanks for the help guys!!!!!

  • hey i would love to get a key for smnc i loved mnc and i love moba style games so if anyone has a key laying around my steam is

    im at school right now so just send me one and when i get home ill accept it

  • If anyone else has a spare key for me too :)

    been an avid player of Dota since it became Dota Allstars 5.xx

    just very intrigued with the genre in general :D

  • i realise im probably last on this list

    but i am really excited for super monday night combat

    if interested, please add me on

  • I got an invite to SMNC as well. PM me here with your username on steam and I can send it;)

    Edit: Key gone

  • I've gotthree two one zero invite(s). If you need one PM me here with steam name.

  • I have 2 keys, PM me.

  • @YoThatLimp said:

    I have 2 keys, PM me.

    Hey guys not to be dicks, but I am only giving them away to members of the community. The bar is set at 50 posts. It stops people from googling "super monday night combat keys" and getting them, again sorry! 2 left still, send me those steam IDs

  • @YoThatLimp:

    mind telling me ur steam ID? :D

  • I've got 2 Invite to Super MNC if anyone wants them. Drop me a PM (Are PM still working?) or let me know your steam ID.