The Tested TF2 Trading Tent

Created by lane on March 15, 2012, 6:49 p.m.
  • @Greg818:

    You can get multiple sets of headphones for one of your unusual hats. The headphones are one of the few things considered "currency" in TF2 since they're rare and there won't be any more of them.

  • @lane: What? Are we back on the hats? I thought you were talking about the tag. And the headphones were unrelated. Still, what you told me just made me think "darn, no headphones for me..." 
  • @Greg818:

    Well, here's what I'm saying. There are basically three items used as currency given their rarity and stability: Bill's Hat, the OSX headphones ("buds"), and Max's Severed Head. Two Bill's = Buds, and ~4 Buds = Max Head. You could probably get 3.5 Buds for the Mirror and probably 4 for the Beak. You have two Medic unusuals right now, which probably don't look all that great when you wear them at the same time. If you wanted to, you could sell one for some Buds, keep one set of Buds for yourself, then use the rest to buy another unusual hat for another class. Then you'd have a pair of Buds as well as two hats for different classes that won't clash with each other. That's what I'd do, anyway.

  • @lane: Worn at the same time, it's kind of stupid, because they're from completely different eras. But The mirror adds to the overall gestalt. Where the beak stuff is just covering a little part of the face, thus historically inaccurate, therefore, disappointing. Still the halo effect is funny... and kind of a giant bullseye for snipers. 
    But still it's pretty nice when the two mix together. I'll make a screen cap next time I play doc. (Which actually doesn't happen that often) 
    By the way, there's also the pumpkin head that I have no Idea where it comes from, it's not tradable, so it's not someone that could have given it to me and I can't seem to find it in the store... And it says "achievement" with it, but I don't know what it could be... being hit by the candy cane by scout and survive or kill a candy cane wielding scout? (but then it would be more related to christmas?)
    Got one screenshot, and another image: 
  • Anyone know if the Machina for the Sniper is craftable, or ever will be?

  • @Falcon: Yes it is. Reclaimed metal + Righteous Bison + Sydney Sleeper = Machina.

  • @tobygw: Jesus christ, so much Reclaimed metal needed........

  • The Machina is bananas; the extra charge damage helps if you aren't the best sniper, and the ability to shoot through people helps if you are. Frankly, they'll have to nerf it; the cons are just so minor in comparison to the ability to kill multiple people at once without even hitting them in the head!

  • @Mirado: From what I've gleaned from the rage fest that is the Steam forum, body shots don't do a whole lot more damage, just headshots. And the only time you'll get a double kill is in the unlikely event that two people are lined up at the exact moment you take your shot. It seems about as OP as the Backburner (ie - only crazy powerful in specific situations).

  • @Falcon: It does an extra 15% damage at full charge, regardless of where you hit the person. According to the wiki, the normal rifle does 128-172 damage, while the new one does 160-185 damage. So you're talking a 100% kill on any class below 150 health with a good chance of killing the two 175 health classes (leaving only the solider and heavy immune from a OHKO body shot). Comparing that to the normal rifle with a 100% OHKO on classes below 125 health, less of a chance to kill a Medic and no chance at all to kill a demo or a pyro, you can see how much better this rifle is without even factoring in the multi-kill potential.

    Look, I'm actually killing dudes with it as a Sniper. I'm no good as a Sniper, therefore it must be the weapon! :D

  • @blearwargh: Sure, PM me your Steam name. I'm actually on right now if you are still around.

  • never mind, i got one