The Tested TF2 Trading Tent

Created by lane on March 15, 2012, 6:49 p.m.
  • @lane: The Paint and EA I'd be willing to part with if you (or anyone else) wants them. The Lid's too awesome to part with.

  • @lane: You got a deal.
  • I'm looking for a Strange Minigun, a Officer's Ushanka, and a Brigade Helm. The last two don't have to be Vintage. I'd also be interested in a Team Captain but that's probably more of a long shot. I put this over on GB but haven't had any luck, so if anyone would be so kind I'd be happy to make a deal.

  • Mine (I know it's a mess)
    @lane: Also, may I suggest you to copy/paste the names and links to everybody's backpacks in the first post so it's a tad easier to read?
  • I'm looking for lime green paint.
  • @trombone@adus: I'm looking for a Boston basher. Do you see anything you want here?
  • @Greg818 said:
    @trombone@adus: I'm looking for a Boston basher. Do you see anything you want here?
    Never mind, deal closed.
  • @Falcon

    I got a Bazaar Bargain as a drop last night. Are you still looking for one?
  • Does anyone have a spare huntsman?

  • @MAGZine:

    Sure where do you want it?

  • @lane said:

    @Falcon I got a Bazaar Bargain as a drop last night. Are you still looking for one?

    Yes sirrrr. Linky to my stuff so you don't have to go back.

  • Edit: Ignore this post, i've traded the item I was advertising. 
  • @Falcon:

    Eh, I don't see anything particularly interesting, so you can take it with the promise to return the favor if you ever have a spare of something I'm looking for.

  • @JoMate: do you want to friend me, and we'll meet up in game sometime?

  • This is my backpack. 
    I am mostly looking for Towering Pillar of Hat s and a Strange Minigun, but any Heavy or Medic hats might also have interest.
    I am also up for trading my crates for scrap.
  • @lane: Yeah, totally, awesome. I don't ever use Soldier or Demo, so I'll let you know whenever I get drops for them.

  • @MAGZine:

    Done, see you online some day.

  • If anyone has a spare black box let me know -- I'll trade any other random item that I have duplicates of.  Going to craft a liberty launcher :)
  • @Sn1PeR:

    I don't have a Black Box, but I do have a Liberty Launcher.

  • I got spare an Atomizer and a Disciplinary Action as drops this week, I'd be will to trade one of them for any one of the following: Mantreads, Shahanshan, Eviction Notice or Splendid Screen.
  • @Gav47: Mantreads for your Disciplinary Action. 
    My Steam name is Fripplebubby.txt (for the time being, I change the file extension often), i'll be around tomorrow if you're online. 
  • bot plenty of stuff, all the forth page is open for trade. (there are some strange things if anyone's interested)
  • @Greg818:

    How in the shit do you have two unusuals already? Are you spending every single paycheck on keys?

  • @lane
    A guy gave me like eight crates, the fORL mirror, don't remember, but the mask I got it from these crates indeed. I also found a trade only server... got some nice stuff. 
    Also, I put like $50 on the steam account, better use it, right? (shouldn't have put that much by the way). I already bought the starter kits... also I find it quite useless to unlock those crates as I had like one stuff worth it...
  • @Greg818:

    Wait, somebody gave you the mirror?

  • @lane: I have no idea where it comes from. Really. No recollection whatsoever.
  • @Greg818:

    Well, you're a lucky bastard either way. However, my jealousy is somewhat mitigated by my shiny new Pip-Boy 3000.

  • @lane: What? You're kidding right? We both know you're green... the two things put together makes sort of a fire ball. Kick the shit out of a PipBoy that does nothing. It should build some laser gatling kind of like the new soldier stuff... I got to say I'm a bit disappointed... 
    Edit: I'm also disappointed with the Winger, was expecting something better, does like 6 damage at distance... also it shoots faster than a Uzi... but still 6 rounds per mag., all in all, not that great. I'm wondering if I wasn't better off with the shortstop. 
    Edit2: Also, does anyone want the description tag? Cause everybody asks me about it, but I wanted to offer it here first.
  • @Greg818:

    I'm... not sure what you mean... but does that mean you'll give it to me? =D

  • @lane: Well, that was my first intention, but then I realized that it would take a precious spot in your backpack, so I'll have to accept a decent offer. 

    By the way I'm looking for the OS X headphones...