The Tested TF2 Trading Tent

Created by lane on March 15, 2012, 6:49 p.m.
  • Now that TF2 is free to play, I suspect we're going to have a lot of new Tested users joining us in addition to the already-faithful. That being the case, I thought it might be prudent to have our own place to set up some in-game trades to help out our new users as well as allow us old-timers to do some swapping ourselves. Post what you have and/or what you're looking for here, and hopefully someone will be able to help you out. You can use TF2B to display your backpack, like so. Personally, I'm looking for a new Kritzkrieg since I used up the only one I had crafting a Quick-Fix. Anything on the first page that's not an Uber Update item is up for trade. Also, I want LtSquig's Max head.

    e: Also, I've been trying to find the Engi and Sniper Halloween masks for the longest time, since as you can see I use the masks to organize my backpack.

    e2: Also also, as a reminder for those who may not have seen this bit yet: Free accounts are only able to receive items, not trade them. To upgrade yourself to the premium account, you need only purchase something from the Mann Co. Store, which requires a minimum $5 deposit into your Steam Wallet.

  • @lane:

    So your saying that even though I payed 20 € for this game I can't even do something as simple as trading?

  • @JoMate:

    Nonono, that only applies to new players who got it for free. There are a few restrictions on the new free accounts, most of which revolve around trading (to keep people from creating dozens of accounts to stockpile items). Anybody who bought the game in the past automatically has a premium account.

  • I played TF2 for a bit and got slaughtered again and again. I really want to play but I have no idea what I am doing. With all the influx of new players that will suck as much as I do, then maybe it will be fun to play.

  • @viderian:

    Now's the perfect time to start playing. Be sure to join the Tested TF2 Club to stay in the know about when something's going down on the server.

    e: Despite having done it twice myself already, let's try to keep this thread strictly to trade-related posts. There are a billion other TF2 threads for chit-chat, and I don't want trades to get lost in the shuffle.

  • @viderian said:

    I played TF2 for a bit and got slaughtered again and again. I really want to play but I have no idea what I am doing. With all the influx of new players that will suck as much as I do, then maybe it will be fun to play.

    That's where I'm at, as soon as I get my new laptop in the coming weeks, I should finally have something that can handle TF2 again. 
    I might be able to play in a few days on our old desktop, because I got a deal on some more RAM and a fairly cheap GPU upgrade that will be used again when this machine gets replaced, which should be here by the middle of next week.
  • I have 4 Mann Co Supply crates. Apparently some people are nuts for those? *shrugs* That's probably the best thing I have to offer.

    @lane: If more people start posting, maybe edit your first post with a list of people and link to their backpack? Might be helpful.

  • im not sure i have anything worthwhile, but i guess ill post, I haven't been playing a lot, actually i dont think ive ever played on the tested server but when i get my new laptop ill probably be on. 
  • @coopdegra

    I'll take those earbuds off your hands. =D
  • @Falcon

    Want to part with one of those Kritzkreigs?
  • I do a poor job of keeping things organized, but here you go. I'd be willing to part with anything that isn't vintage, although I'd only trade hats for hats.

  • @lane: Sorry good sir, earbuds are not for sale :P
  • @coopdegra

    I was only kidding, I couldn't afford them anyway.
  • @lane: Totally. I can't really think of anything I want though... Come up with something of equal value? *shrugs* I never go Medic, so I don't mind trading it.

  • @Falcon
    Vintage weapons usually sell for a scrap or 2-3 weapons. What sounds good?
  • @lane: Scrap. I would eventually end up putting it towards that anyway, lol.

  • @Falcon

    Ok, I should be online in an hour or so if you want to holla.
  • @lane: Cool. I was just on staring at hats to buy with just five dollars and the Tested server was full. Hopefully there will be room later.

  • Here's my backpack. I was looking to get myself a Liberty Launcher and a Sydney Sleeper, but i'll be able to craft those soon enough. In any case, if anyone wants to make a deal just say so.
  • @Fripplebubby:

    You could craft both of them right now if you wanted to give up some other weapons. However, I must say: Holy unorganized backpack, Batman!

  • @lane: I gave up pretty much all the weapons I could yesterday when I finally competed my three refined metals (all I got was a lame cowboy hat, btw), so now all I have left is either stuff I want to keep or don't have doubles of, or a combination. 
  • Wow, so I just got a Tomislav from a drop, and that thing is a total game-changer for my Heavy game. The super-fast spin (not to mention silent) makes it a ridiculously good short/mid range gun and increased my maneuverability tenfold. If you ever want to play heavy, get yourself a Tomislav. It's the real deal. 
  • @Fripplebubby:

    FYI, you can buy just about any hat you want for 3 Refined on a trade server very easily. Don't roll the dice on a random craft if you're looking for something in particular.

  • Does anyone want to trade for a Sydney Sleeper? I'd like to make the Bazaar Bargain without using all of my spare weapons, but I also don't want to use my only Sydney Sleeper.

  • Here's my backpackin the unlikely event that I have something you duders might want.

    @lane: Might I suggest adding a table with suggested "prices" to this thread. Veteran TF2 noobs like myself have no idea what stuff usually goes for.

  • @essi2:

    There's a spreadsheet floating around out there that has pretty good estimates in it, though I can only seem to find the shitty version of it right now. I've got a pretty good sense of what most things are worth if you want to ask though. Also, your Team Spirit paint, Lumbricious Lid, and Essential Accessories are relatively valuable (about 1 Refined metal for the paint and EA, about 4-5 Refined for the LL), so be careful about trading them away.

  • The spreadsheet that lane mentioned is below. Its also good to cross reference the list with the rarity of the item your trading.
    Hats and Misc. items Price guide  
    Hat ownership stats
    The only real advice I can give to new traders is to use your common sense, if something dosen't feel right then don't go through with it. 
    My Backpack can be found here I should probably make some class tokens or get some Halloween masks to tidy up my weapons. 
  • Huh. Turns out that Western Wear that I wasn't too happy about getting is the 15th rarest hat in the game. That's pretty cool. 
  • Here's my backpack in case I have something you guys want. 
    @lane: Would you part with that Vintage Homewrecker?

  • @falco_eagle:

    Sure thing. How about your Sniper mask and a scrap?