So, Fallout: New Vegas...

Created by WolfOfOne on March 15, 2012, 6:49 p.m.
  • Jeez louise. I can tell I'm getting near the end of the game because the number of quests is dwindling, but I'm not ready for it to end because I don't know who I want to support. I've already
    The story is so damn compelling it hurts.
  • Welp, I just beat it. I chose
    This game was amazing.
  • So what is your total playtime at after beating the game? 
  • @GTFShadow: 
    About 40 hours, and I left a good chunk of the map unexplored. I'll probably load that mod that lets you keep playing after the game's over and do some more exploring.
    I'd like to thank the flu for its role in helping me find time to finish the game so quickly.
  • @lane: 
    I need some of that Flu.  Need to play some more CODBLOPs haha.  
    I am still debating if I want to get NV yet........
  • @GTFShadow: 
    CODBLOPS sounds like something that happens when you have the flu.
  • @lane said:
    " @GTFShadow:   CODBLOPS sounds like something that happens when you have the flu. "

    I think it sounds like something unholy you do with fish.
  • @lane: 
    That sounds like a good gamers disease to get out of work haha.
    WTH is your profile picture of????
  • @GTFShadow: 
    Well I guess you'll just have to play FNV and find out, won't you?
  • @lane: 
    Damit do this to me Lane!  I have enough things I want to do play on my list as it is!
  • O haha, I knew i recognised that avatar from somewhere, but I couldn't place it :P
  • @WolfOfOne

    Dave Foley owned that role. Best character in the game. Where are you?
  • @lane: I've been fixing a couple computers and went home for the weekend so I haven't played in a while but I'm finishing all the quests at Nellis
  • Jeez Louise. I loaded up the mod that lets you keep playing after the main quest is over, and it's blowing my mind how much of the game I never saw even though I beat the damn thing.
    e: Like this guy:

  • lmao is that really the character's name!?@lane:
  • @jasonr86: 
    Did you ever play the old Fallout games?
  • @jasonr86: 
    I just ask because I thought New Vegas was a lot truer to the spirit of the Fallout franchise than Fallout 3. I'm not really in the fanatical camp about the original games (I don't think they hold up as well as others from that era), but the charm and atmosphere is definitely more present in New Vegas. FO3 was just too bleak and empty for me.
  • Welp, the first New Vegas DLC has finally hit the PC. Anybody else picked it up? I've put less than an hour into it so far, and I'm still not sure how I feel about it.
  • @lane: Please keep us updated as I was going to purchase the DLC last night but wanted to see a review first. I really enjoyed Fallout NV and want more.
  • @RobReindl: 
    It's good so far, it's just really dark and gritty compared to New Vegas. It feels more like Fallout 3.
  • I heard on the Bombcast that it's a lot of stealthing around...  I'm no good at stealth missions.
  • @Helushune: 
    It's not stealth-heavy so much as it is about environmental awareness. Spoilers that you find out within the first fifteen minutes, or skip them for a tl;dr:
    Just like FNV, there's lots of ways to accomplish a goal, and if they were relying heavily on stealth it's because they were playing a stealth-heavy character. At least, that's my take from what little I've played.
  • New Vegas left a really bad taste in my mouth. The ending didn't really do it for me, although most of the things leading up to it were pretty cool.

    I hear Dead Money all takes place in one building, is this true?
  • @Jayross: 
    Which ending? 
    It's not one building, it's an entire town built around a giant casino.

  • @lane:
    That's good.  I think the "stealth heavy" comment just came from how Jeff plays that game.  I'm more of a "rush in and kill everything in sight that's aiming at me with this here plasma rifle" kind of person.