So what is your favorite game of all time?

Created by Emandudeguyperson on March 15, 2012, 6:44 p.m.
  • ahhhhhhhhh!!!!! 
    Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past (sooo much better than OoT), KOTOR, Super Mario Advance, and Lumines (I bought a PSP just to play this)
    plz don't make me decide.
  • Can't answer with just one. 
    Half Life (series) - PC
    Team Fortress 2 - PC 
    Bioshock (series) - PC
    Final Fantasy X - PS2
    Call of Duty 4 - PC
    Borderlands - PC
    Mass Effect (series) - PC 
    S.T.A.L.K.E.R (series) - PC
  • It's going to be hard to just pick 1....
    SMB3 - NES
    Team Fortress 2 - PC
    COD 4 - PC
    WoW - PC 
    Starcraft - PC
    Starcraft 2 - PC 
    Day of Defeat Source - PC
    COD 2 - 360
  • @GTFShadow: Will you ever be on this forum again after Starcraft 2? Or will it steal your soul?
  • @intoblivion: There is a pretty good chance its going to steal my soul..... I alrdy told everybody at work I am going to the midnight release and are going to be tired as hell.... so bring on the Amps!
  • @GTFShadow: well enjoy :)
  • @intoblivion: Don't you worry I will sir! lol
    Also when are we partying up for some Alien Swarm?
  • @GTFShadow:
    Well if you go on some kinda Starcraft marathon I might be able to catch you on the tail end of that :)
  • @intoblivion: lol we shall see what happens.  I am just interested to see how I do at work that morning.... dealing with people all day about that computer issues I for see that not going well....
  • @GTFShadow: You'll probably just end up screaming ZERG RUSH! at them.
  • @intoblivion: I might be that was the race I was good with on the first SC.  Well it was Protoss than I took a break from the game and came back sucked with them, but was magically good with the Zerg.  So now I gotta find out how this plays out  and what race I want to be....didn't get the beta So I didn't get to test the game out at all boo!
  • @GTFShadow: Unbelievably the game is already uploaded onto "That" website :O
  • Probably Ocarina of Time, considering I've beaten that game about 6 or 7 times now. Still holds up pretty well too...
  • @Mindscape216: Thats a great game too.  Didn't even think about that one
    Also I was playing SC2 for about 7 hrs straight last night after I got home from work. 
  • @GTFShadow: You gonna kill yourself man!, right now im hooked on Dragon Quest getting ready for my trip to United Stateland.
  • @intoblivion: Omg you have no idea... I am slowly dying inside cause of how long I waited for this game.  The United Stateland you say?  Where you headed to?
    Also which Dragon Quest I used to play that no the game boy way back when, but I forget which one it was.
  • Definitely Quake 1 w/ 3dfx and OpenGL.  I had one of the original daughter boards with the VGA pass-through.  The NIN sound track was amazing.
    Diablo 2 is tied for a close second, followed by the Space Quest series (all 7 of them).
  • @GTFShadow: Im heading to San Fran :), Dragon Quest IX the newest one I think
  • @intoblivion: Awesome!  You will fly over me since I live in Pennsylvania which is complete opposite of California.  I might have to look into getting back into the those Dragon Quest games, but with SC2 its going to be hard to do that.....
  • @kyledanderson: this is true my friend.  The new SC will take some getting used to since they have different units and buildings now.  I used to be good with zerg and now its like i never played them before and can't understand how to strat with them.  So far Terran seem to be class this time around ( I was garbage with in first SC).  When I first started playing SC I was good with toss now I am just mediocre with them.
  • Duke Nukem 3D. I think I finished it about 40 times.
  • @Emandudeguyperson said:
    " I think Metal Gear Solid 4 would have to be my favorite, how about you guys? Loving this new site. "
    Definitely agreed! :D
  • All of the GTA series. and Diablo. 
  • Oh, and reading through the thread someone mentioned an N64 game, ah, those were the good ol' days :).  (I did have an NES but i dont remember much of it, the N64 was the console to have when i was a kid.  Anyway, that reminded me of Goldeneye.  So the golden gun vs solid snake for favorite game.. hmm.
  • Deus Ex.
  • @JoeMarsden: 
    I was thinking about this game the other day. Has anyone made a mod or something for it to compensate for the terrible control scheme?

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