Whiskey Media Minecraft Texture Pack

Created by coopdegra on March 15, 2012, 6:44 p.m.
  • The Pack formerly known as the Whiskey Media Minecraft Texture Pack

    The Whiskey MediaTested/Giant Bomb Minecraft Texture Pack is the most official/unofficial texture pack created for Minecraft ever.

    • This pack is based off of the pack a fellow Tested member; Scooopex; had created. I loved the simplicity of the pack and found packs similar but they were all lacking something. So I had an idea, why not update the pack for the most current version of Minecraft. That lead to the next idea of making an official/unofficial Whiskey Media Texture Pack.
    • So, here we are, the pack is mostly complete, I am still debating whether or not I want to do mobs; but the pack is always being improved. I hope you enjoy this pack, and please offer your criticism, I have no problem improving the pack and making it the best it can be.
    • UPDATE: I've updated the pack for Minecraft 1.2. I hope you guys like it, and as always tell me if there is anything you guys don't like. I'll be adding more pictures to the portraits soon.
    • UPDATE: We can edit, so the first link is now correct
    • UPDATE: So this is going to be the last version of this pack with tested related stuff, The pack beside the paintings have nothing to do with tested or giant bomb, so I am going to split off into a version without that stuff, Once that is done I will make a new post about that. So enjoy this version!

    Click here to download

  • The pack has been updated for 1.2.4 Enjoy!

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