Tested.com 1/2 Official Minecraft Server (For the MC FreeWeekend)

Created by MAGZine on March 15, 2012, 6:42 p.m.

  • So did they fall in? Or did something like this happen? 

  • Giantbomb burned the server down about an hour ago. 
    It's back and running stable. I think I might need to have automatic server restarts every 6 hours, because once the server hits 200MB of memory, it always seems to die, or get really laggy.
  • @MAGZine:

    does that mean everything is gone? :(
  • @cripplecaptain: f
    From my understanding Giantbomb had there own and @MAGZine: is using a MS Server to host ours? Correct me if I am wrong please.
  • @GTFShadow: I'm using my home machine to host you guys. 
    Everything is not gone. Just the stuff out of lane's chest.
  • @MAGZine:  
    Ok good I would be sad if it was.
    Lol they all joined MAGZine's server and as soon as taswell tweeted about it, it crashed within moments.
  • OO no! Things go boom?  Everything was running well from my 5 minutes I played last night.  So hopefully it does not crash while I am on tonite!
  • @Rallier: 
    i'm going to put up a sign that says "IT'S A TRAP"
  • @AHR:
    you should build it out of blocks above the arrow
  • @cripplecaptain said:

    " I see I was wondering what the hell happened I watched some frankenstein looking dude blow through a wall last night and flood wolfofone's mine. it was actually hilarious. I plugged it up though eventually.. "

    haha really? :P  Those damn creepers!! 
    EDIT:  LMAO, that's too funny that they got trapped in th void! :P
  • @MAGZine:

    is the server down?
  • It's not down, it's just crazy laggy, to the point where if you try to place something it just disappears.
  • That lag was crazy and still is.... TF2 anyone?
  • So Margaritaville almost burn down, again!  Luckily I had a lot of stone handy and used it to snuff out the flames, but ahhhh if it burned down twice....!!@#!@
  • @cripplecaptain: I just rebooted the server. 
    Notch really needs to fix.

  • Wow @AHR: just found the biggest most massive natural cavern ever just below the service.
     This is what happens when trees are planted too close to my moat of fire: 
  • Lol. Soon Bowsers Castle will be built.  Maybe tonite? :) Just need to get me some stone
  • @GTFShadow: 
    Make sure you build the whole thing out of stone so you can't burn it down, Firefingers.
  • @lane: I will don't you worry! It's not my fault I was a lagasaurus!
  • @Rallier: 
    Hahaha those are great.
    E: Also, the Will skin has inspired to make a Lebowski skin.
  • @Rallier: that's awesome.
  • Hey guys, check this out to see what I've been working on and why I needed all that sand!! 
    @MAGZine:  Maybe this is why the server hates us? all that underwater block caching :P oops!
  • @Rallier: You so should, you should see the... errrm artistic license some ppl have taken with your... giant structure on the map LOL
  • plus you totally miss out on epic quotes from ana :P
  • @Rallier: 
    Your account on Minecraft was just Rallier, right?
  • @Rallier: 
    OK, Rallier should be good to go for a premium account. All I ask is that in the future when you have the means, hook someone else up if you can.
  • @Rallier: 
    Also, when you log on, if you're still stuck in the netherworld let me know and I'll hop on and teleport you back to Margaritaville.
  • @WolfOfOne:

    Dammit I was going to build an Underwater glass fortress..... still might :p but I was too busy to go online yesterday. I am seriously jonesin for some minecraft. 
    I have a grand plan for my fortress though truly GRAND! maybe I can just connect it to yours. the torch idea GENIUS! consider it now stolen :p

  • @WolfOfOne: 
    Nice video man!