Tested.com 1/2 Official Minecraft Server (For the MC FreeWeekend)

Created by MAGZine on March 15, 2012, 6:42 p.m.
  • @zanny61 said:
    " How can I edit things on the server? "
    Wait, edit or build?  Coop, I feel like you two aren't talking about the same thing here.  zanny61, If you want to build, just catch a mod on the server, if one happens to be on.  They will take care of you.
  • I think we have a rule against useless buildings. 
    Edit :  I couldn't help it.

    Spawn was raped by some one...

  • No I was adding on to spawn to make it look more FFVIII ish but I forgot and got side tracked
  • Is the server up for everyone else?  I haven't been able to log in today. 
    EDIT:  Nvmd, it's back up for me: 
  • @TheBootlegSaint: nice :D
  • I'd put up a sign that says "Koopaking7 not welcome".
  • New structure:  Newland Boardwalk. 
    Sponsored by member WolfOfOne 
    Feel free to edit/add on. 
  • @Rallier: I believe so, at least that's what I always tell the newcomers
  • Fuck it, I'm writing a new thread.
  • @JeffreyGee: lol nooooo the train must continue on
  •   I'll just leave this here...
  • @JeffreyGee:@coopdegra:  While a 100+ page thread would be funny, I really think that it should be left up to xantar since it's his server.  We really do need an updated welcome post for new members though.
  • @Rallier: Good question! I dunno.. It seems like you tame them by offering meat, maybe they're loyal to the last person to offer them some? Maybe we'll have to wait for 1.4 to see.
  • @evil_gordita: I'm going to send it to him. If he puts it up or not is up to him. At least I will feel like I did something...
  • Been staring at this thread gaining pages for far too long. Sign me up. Minecraft name: Ravenlight
  • Chwith FIXED
    New Thread Time. 
    Start posting here
  • This thing still being maintained?

  • @subrandom: wrong thread buddy, the right one is called minecraft and our ever expanding server

  • Please read previous posts and refer to the link in the comment before yours.

    EDIT: Rallier, Lock this shit