Tested.com 1/2 Official Minecraft Server (For the MC FreeWeekend)

Created by MAGZine on March 15, 2012, 6:42 p.m.
  • @cripplecaptain: 
    I have been playing for the past five minutes since I logged onto the site to see if you could play Alpha from the browser.
    Pray nobody's watching the network logs right now.
  • @lane: I thought about doing the samething.  Than I thought wait shit.. network logs dam you! 
    I have to turn off my proxy in Firefox or IE to get some sites,  like yahoo answers!  Wtf is that all about?  I can find some pretty good stuff on there if  I don't know how to fix something initially.
  • @lane: vpn! then network admin goes 'wtf is all of this encrypted traffic doing on here? LLLLANNNNEEEE!'. 
    E: Today someone should take blocks and put a big ' MV' in the glass - could create cool shadows.
  • @MAGZine: 
    Haha, I love my sysad. It'd probably go something like this:
    "I saw lots of encrypted traffic from you."
    "You doing anything illegal?"
    "OK. Carry on."
  • Also, during those terrible non-Minecraft-playing hours they call "work," you could be finding yourself a skin!
  • @lane: Need more sysadmins like that. :) 
    BTW. NOONE use carts. They like to crash the server, as far as I know.
  • So excited to hear the server may be around permanently, MAGZine!
  • Firewall and IDS logs are a pain, It can take so long to get your devices tuned to stop showing you inocuous events.  It gets worse the flatter the network.
  • me needs to L2minecraft.  I was playing the browser version last night for a few minutes before heading to bed and was trying to figure everything out.  Still have much to learn this young grasshopper does

  • I just played the browser version and I am shocked SHOCKED! how good it runs. also are the mobs invincible seriously I broke two stone swords on a spider and it didnt die.
  • @cripplecaptain: i tried to kill a zombie and could not do it.  After not being able to kill a zombie I went to bed haha
  • @GTFShadow:
    I am assuming its becuase we are all invincible at the moment so must apply to all of the mobs right now too
  • The server is set to peaceful mode, which means you can't get hurt or kill anything. Creepers can still explode and ruin your day, though.
  • @lane: Ahh that would make sense.  Still creepy as hell just to hear the gnarls and grunts from those things with nothing on but your PC in the dark. 
  • I see I was wondering what the hell happened I watched some frankenstein looking dude blow through a wall last night and flood wolfofone's mine. it was actually hilarious. I plugged it up though eventually..
  • Lunch break consisted of ordering a medium pizza, eating it all and not being able to  connect to the server.
  • @GTFShadow:
    lol thats rough I am heading home for lunch and will likely make and eat a greek salad.... while playing minecraft
  • @cripplecaptain: 
    Salad sounds good.  Wish I could go home for lunch instead (about 30-45 min away).  I am sure they have the ports blocked for what Minecraft uses. 
  • I spent my lunch break building a tree farm out back and putting blinking redstone lights under the dance floor.
    Time very well spent.
    Also, I guess it's a bug, but the obsidian the fireplace is made out of will cause whatever's next to it to burn indefinitely. I tossed some logs in there and lit them. Perpetual fireplace, no lava required!

  • I will have to hop on this server sometime later, any actual structure or are people just making things wherever?

  • I ripped the lid off of it! 
  • Whoops, forgot I was still logged into the game. Looks like Will came by to take a look around. Awesome!
  • Awesome good to see Will and Ana made a stop by.  I will have to get in tonite and build something.  It won't compare to what is there, but that is ok as I am an n00b!  
    What needs to be built yet to make this more awesome?
  • @GTFShadow: 
  • @lane:  This will be worked on tonite!!! Wasting away again.....

  • I had to rescue will and norm from lanes dark hole with the inviting down arrow
  • @cripplecaptain: 
    I did not dig the death hole, thank you very much. I am always thoughtful enough to bring ladders. I think that one belongs to Rallier.

  • @lane:
    Lol my bad lane in either case it was absolutely hilarious seriously it was so hard to find them with the description "we fell down a big hole and cant see anything"