Tested.com 1/2 Official Minecraft Server (For the MC FreeWeekend)

Created by MAGZine on March 15, 2012, 6:42 p.m.
  • @MAGZine: That's a huge fail.  Than I can turn into Bear Grylls and survive some how than hopefully! 
    There is only one way to find out xD
  • @MAGZine: 
    Hey Mr. Admin fill my box with diamond tools plzkthx.
  • @lane: I actually don't think I can do that. I do have a handy-dandy 'give' command, however... 
    Margaritaville might just be justification for an opportunity to bust it out.
  • @MAGZine: 
    give 57 + give 57 + give 57 = WASTIN AWAAAAAAAAAAAAAY AGAIN
  • @Rallier: 
    Congratulations, you're in Purgatory!
    Everything is amazing.
    E: Also, lunch break party time on Margaritaville Island!
  • Haha Testedface is totally awesome.
    Stupid creeper just came and blew a chunk out of Margaritaville, and now I have to get back to work. I WANT TO PLACE BLOCKS FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE.
  • @Rallier i was wanting to do that but had wasnt sure how to, congrats and yep needs moar fire! :D
  • did you see my new mine lane? behind your sand tower
  • @WolfOfOne: 
    I haven't been back over there. I've been hard at work on Margaritaville Island.
  • Just reading all these comments makes me want to play so bad now! 6 you won't be here soon enough....plus another 30 minute drive damit!
  • Here's a pretty good "What to do during your first 10 minutes of Minecraft" guide I just saw on reddit (again).
  • Reading the guide now to prepare for tonite!

  • damn I have dismissed this game like 20 times now reading this topic but I find my self strangely intrigued to try it.
    Get the Painterly Pack. It reskins the game and makes it look so much better, and it only takes about 30 seconds to install.
  • If you search google for "Mind The Gap" You'll find the short series from Rock, Paper, Shotgun that was pretty funny :). 
    I think that once we get some people and structures up, @MAGzine: should kick up the difficulty so we can kill some zombies :D 
    Margaritaville is coming along nicely, @lane:
  • Also, poor Notch needs someone to mirror the forum b/c it keeps going down because so many people are trying to use it!  Go Notch, go!  Hopefully he sells a bunch of copies of Minecraft after the free week(end?) is up! :D 
    Unfortunately, @lane: your vision of Margaritaville was not realized :/.  Stupid greifers 
    On a more positive note, rallierrr's view is awesome: 
  • Yeah I just mounted that fallace no more then 5 minutes ago. truly a masterpiece probably close to scale in many ways.
  • @WolfOfOne:

    Wolf do you like the room I built for you? Its custom to fit you nice and snug.
  • @cripplecaptain: lmao when i came back to my computer i was like wth happened to me!? LOL 
    Yes, margaritaville will live!! 
    @rallier: yeah, it looks like the free weekend has ended.  I ended up buying the game.  I think I've found my equivalent to facebook addicts' farmville!! :P
  • Just paid for it.  Playing from the browser was only way to go and I had a hard time playing cause I am confused as hell lol.
    Trying to just download it and run it from there. 
  • Someone burned the Margaritaville homeshack nearly to the ground, so I spent a bit of time rebuilding it with some harder-to-get materials to make it a bit better. It still needs work, though - I'm apparently really bad at window-walls. 
    I also turned online-mode back on - so you're going to need to have an account (no matter what, now) to get back onto the server - it'll help make users more accountable, I guess. 
    Griefers will be banned. (zero tolerance) 
    If the server continues to be popular throughout the week, then I'll leave it up on a more permanent basis, and perhaps assign a few more Ops to watch over the server.
  • @MAGZine: Yeah, I'm unsure who it was, it wasn't anyone from tested as far as i know.  I think it was somone who logged in with no name.  But anyways, yes margaritaville got burned down :(.  I'll see what i can do to spruce the place up a bit window wise :D. 
    Def. agreed with the zero tolerance policy. 
    The Midway Bridge (currently under construction) 
    The Tested Face from a seat at the Margaritaville bar! :D 
  • I've tried Minecraft before, but I really don't understand it at all...what exactly is the point of the game?  Is there an actual game there, or is it just a very blocky digital version of legos?
  • @Addfwyn said:
    " I've tried Minecraft before, but I really don't understand it at all...what exactly is the point of the game?  Is there an actual game there, or is it just a very blocky digital version of legos? "
    Right now it is a digital version of legos on a much larger scale that you get to build with other people, but in the future other gametypes will be added, a zombie seige is planned, and capture the flag is requested but afaik isn't technically planned right this moment.
  • @Addfwyn: 
    You probably played Classic from the browser, right? "Real" Minecraft (the downloadable Alpha) is a totally different game.
    Also, I'm sad about Margaritaville, but I'm way more excited to see you guys getting pumped about rebuilding it. We may have cut our heel and had to cruise on back home, but there's booze in the blender.
  • Seriously this is the most messed up game of all time I started playing it like well this is balls deep and then.... I started crafting.... made a pick axe..... and BAM addicted like crack. It helps that everyone on there from tested are awesome seriously makes it more fun. I am deffinately buying it. 
  • I payed for it last night right before going to bed so I am good to go.  
    Is it better to use Browser version or download it?
  • @GTFShadow: 
    Download. It's a tiny .exe file that you don't even have to install, and it'll allow you to do things like use the Painterly Pack.
    E: Actually I didn't even realize you could play Alpha in the browser until this very moment.

  • Its taking every fibre of my being to not play this at work.... seriously. itd be sooooo easy to casualy play