Tested.com 1/2 Official Minecraft Server (For the MC FreeWeekend)

Created by MAGZine on March 15, 2012, 6:42 p.m.
  • Welcome to the Tested.com/Game-Central.org/PC Gamer/Twitter Friends Minecraft Server

    (but mostly Tested) 

    Ground Rules: 

    -the server is not afk friendly. AFKing consumes compounding amount of bandwidth and CPU cycles and should be avoided. Passive minecrafting is fun, but should be avoided. 
    -do not make changes to other people's creations or attempt to infringe on their building space without their permission. If you're unsure if something belongs to someone, assume it does. 
    -do NOT raid chests.
    -the golden rule: don't be a dick.
    -Have fun! 

    I'm new... help!

     We've got you covered. There isn't an ingame tutorial (yet), but here is some material to help you get started in game. 
    1. [Wiki] Minecraft Crafting Guide - recipes for many in-game items.
    2. [Video] How to Survive your First night [in Minecraft] - gives excellent insight on the basic aspects of minecraft. Building, crafting, etc.
    3. [Text] Mind the Gap - Rock Paper Shotgun's own Minecraft guide to getting started.

    Alright. I'm ready.

     Cool. You can join the server at   minecraft.xantar.net. The server works on a light-moderation, heavy-consequence basis: if you do something that really ruins the gameplay for other players, you can be handed a lengthy account ban on the server. Offenses and account suspensions on the Minecraft server are in no way affiliated, linked or related to your Whiskey media/Tested account - they're two separate entities, and you will not receive a ban on the forums for anything done on the Minecraft server.
    To get into the Minecraft server, you'll first need to register and purchase a paid account at minecraft.net. After you have done so, you can either play the the game through the browser, or download the client .exe from the Minecraft website. Please note that you'll need Sun Microsystem's Java to play Minecraft.  Once you have accessed the game (either through the desktop client or through your browser), you will want to click on 'Multiplayer' and type in the server address, minecraft.xantar.net.  

    I can't build... or do anything, really. Help!

    If your name is white, then the issue is that we don't know who you are. If you have already requested membership, then you don't NEED to fill out the forum, but if you have not requested membership (and need to)  - PLEASE FILL OUT THIS FORM. Do NOT post in this forum asking for your membership to be approved, it only clogs up discussion!

    Server Warp Points

     The server has some warp points built in for easy moving around the server. Use /warp <shortcode>  - think of these similar to airport codes.
    1.   TST: Testopia 
    2. WGT : Will's giant-ass tunnel 
    3. NCN : NormChantinoble  
    4. MV: Margarita-Ville 
    5. TCL: Toucan Land
    6. NWS: New Willstanbul
    7. ANA: SpartANA / ANAthens

    Server Cartograph

     Due to popular demand, the server is cartographed every Friday around 3PM MNT. The server usually experiences an hour of downtime while this happens. You can find all of the cartographs right here. Careful, all of them are over 9000 pixels large (seriously), so downloading them can cause quite a burden on your connection (if it's slow)

    Misc Server Information

    The server, at the moment, is running on my desktop at home. A core i5 rig w/ 4GB of RAM, on a lowly DSL connection. Both CPU time and the upstream of my connection seem to bottleneck server performance, but upstream bandwidth seems to be the bigger issue and upgrade solutions will be looked into shortly.  
    The server runs on a near-24/7 basis, with downtime every Sunday night, 11PM - 8:30 AM. These times are rough, so don't be surprised if you're playing until later.
    The server automates backups every hour on the hour. If you experience lag (which you really shouldn't), you know why - >60MB in tiny files and many folders are being archived. 
    The server is not running any 3rd party mods at the moment, but a guest-member-trusted-admin system may be investigated to prevent griefers and keep the server running a bit smoother due to less randoms.
  • I've never played Minecraft, so I don't think i'll show up. Hope it goes well though. 
  • I'm going to leave the server running until Tuesday sometime. It's still running w/o problems, so that's nice. The backup service works nicely, but after only a day and some, the backups have reached 256MB in size. change-based backups? would be a smart idea.
  • Forget making a shelter, I made this first:  

    (I survived by pillaring if you were curious:p  What I want to know is if I hit a zombie in the face with a diamond pick axe repeatedly and nothing happens but I can punch him and he dies... well wth :P lol)
  • Never played this before, but I will have to give it a go and see what all the hype is about.
  • @GTFShadow: 
    If you like Legos, you'll love Minecraft. Just keep in mind that it's still in Alpha and it's literally being created as people are playing it, so a lot of it relies on making your own fun.
  • @lane said:
    You had me at Legos
  • Oh man, I just happened across this trailer for Minecraft on reddit that I think captures its spirit perfectly:
    Link because I guess video embedding is broken now?
  • it kinda makes me sick how many people pirate this game just to play singleplayer, its one guy making a game!
  • @intoblivion: 
    People actually pirate Minecraft? That's pretty low.
  • @lane: yer man, I was in a server yesterday infact and 3 guys just popped in and was chatting about the torrent that they got it from.
  • @intoblivion: 
    That's terrible. Who doesn't have 13 bucks to support a one-man indie dev shop that's producing one of the greatest sandbox experiences ever made? Hell, I feel like sending notch even more money to make up for these jackasses.
  • Wow, that is terrible!  Sure, i'm playing it for free b/c of the free weekend, but even just 2 days has got me hooked, so I plan to buy it as soon as the site goes back up :).
  • Just from you guys talking about it here makes me want to pay for it w/o playing it.
    @lane said:
    Link because I guess video embedding is broken now?

    That video was awesome!
  • @lane: That's an awesome video. Audio levels were a bit too high, but awesome.
  • haha ill keep a lookout for this huge hole to minecrafts equivalent to china
  • @Rallier: I found it lol
  • I'm building a Margaritaville on a beautiful stretch of beach. Feel free to come and join my effort.
  • Margaritaville will be amazing. :3
  • On a semi-related note, minecraftforums.net is down again b/c of so many ppl accessing it!
  • I set up a Margaritaville donation center for anyone who finds the site. Feel free to leave all the wood and stone you like. Margaritas will be on the house for life.
  • if i ever find it, ill be sure to donate some coal to keep those torches goin'  i have so much coal i dont know what to do with it all :P
  • Dang, I just logged on to check on the Margaritaville construction site and somebody had dug a mine smack in the middle of it. Someone didn't read the signs!
  • @Rallier: 
    E: Probably not one as impressive as this one though.
  • @Rallier: 
    Oh okay you can use the waterslide.
    Besides, some people claim that there's a Rallier to blame, but I know it's my own damn fault.
  • Was to busy watching the football game yesterday to jump on and download.  I will be on tonite and rdy to fail at minecraft!
  • @GTFShadow: 
    The server is set to peaceful mode, so you literally can't die no matter how hard you try. If you can fail under those conditions, I think it would somehow count as a win.
  • @lane: I know what my mission is than! To create the Play boy mansion or find some way to fail horrifically!

  • @GTFShadow: actually, you could just get lost. since there is no way to die, if you got lost, you would literally not have a way to get back (unless if I tp'd you). 
    That's be a pretty big fail, no?