JesseG's Minecraft Commentary

Created by JesseG on March 15, 2012, 6:38 p.m.
  • @JesseG I can't wait to watch them later, glad to see you guys making more videos.
  • @JesseG: The Hulk would pwn Spiderman, hate to say it lol.
  • @WolfOfOne: You are very wrong ;)

    Post that in the comments section, I'm sure Wrigley would love a bit of support cause he's getting crushed haha

  • @JesseG: but how could Spiderman even hurt the Hulk?  On the other hand, the Hulk could crush Spiderman to dust with just his 1 finger!
  • Holy jesus! I have tons of catching up to do batman!

  • @WolfOfOne: How did he defeat any other superhero that was stronger than him?

    @GTFShadow: You sure do! aha. Let me know what you think as always :)

    Something new coming up tomorrow guys. Probably MW3 or Skyrim, haven't decided yet. What do you guys want? Or, actually, we have a bunch of old Amnesia episodes uploaded that could be made public. Thoughts?

  • @JesseG: luck :P
  • I say keep on keeping on! I don't see it being a problem to keep posting videos at all. Unless rules have changed and I am unaware

  • @GTFShadow: Great!

    I'll put up a new vid later tonight so stay tuned guys. YOUR PICK: Minecraft, Amnesia, COD or Skyrim?

  • Thread needs to bumped! For awesomeness!