Is a high-end hand grinder better than a baratza?

Created by charm16 on Sept. 2, 2019, 10:16 a.m.

  • I have a Baratza Encore, and compared to my cui-shit-nart grinder I had before, it is night and day. But since I am so finicky I feel like I want zero fines, and want absolute grinding perfection, which I understand I shall never attain. I want to grind for aeropress, v60, french press, so I am looking for coarser grindsAfter researching it seems that a higher end electric grinder isn't probably really that much better than my encore, and if it is, I would have to likely buy some commercial one, so I want to know if a high end manual grinder is as good or better than my encore.I have researched and looked into a zassenhaus, a comandante, and right now my eyes are on the helor 101. Ive seen things saying the Comandante is the best of the best and then I see that the helor is better, blah blah, so I am turning to reddit in hopes that some of you have experience or knowledge in high end hand grinders and can actually confirm that the helor 101 with both sets of burs is better than a comandante and on top of that, do they actually grind more uniform and consistent as my baratza does. I understand there is a chance I am too finicky and the encore is really great and it doesn't get better unless you go commercial, so I am trying to figure that out before I drop ~$200 on a hand grinder