Affect of water on coffee

Created by whyit_matt on Jan. 27, 2016, 7:07 a.m.
  • How much, if any, do you find the type or quality of water changes the taste of your coffee? For example, coffee made at my house using tap water tastes much better and consistent than coffee I make in my dorm room with purified bottled water (same coffee machine and coffee grounds).

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    Ok, here we go....

    The water you use in the dorm room, if it really is purified water, it'll be missing many of the elements that are needed to extract the flavour from coffee. Try different bottled waters. Here in the UK, Volvic is pretty widely recommended as a basic starting water. You need some magnesium and calcium carbonate in the water, amongst other things, but too much and you'll get scale build up.

    Watch this - - It's Maxwell performing at the World Barista Championships in 2014, covering an assortment of things that went into his book while doing his WBC routine. Oh, and the idiot in the red is Steve, the owner of HasBean coffee. It's not the most ridiculous he's looked. :-)

    So, buy the book Water for Coffee by Maxwell-Colonna-Dashwood and Chris Hendon. It's about as in depth as you could possibly want. It will however, mark you out as a real coffee nerd forever! *Not a problem for me... my assortment of coffee themed tshirts announce that before anyone notices my books*

    Water is a complex subject, there's many posts on, and about it. More than a few arguments too. Some people have reverse osmosis systems installed in their house and then add a element blend. This is taking is seriously. A bit too seriously for me.

    I've just ordered a BWT Bestmas Premium filter setup for the house we're buying. The water around here is truly terrible so anything that can improve it is a bonus. We destroy a shower every 12-18 months with the scale. It's that bad. If you make coffee with the tap water it's extremely tasteless. Passing it through a brita filter helps, but not that much. I now buy Volvic water by the gallon. Home delivery service rocks. ;-)

    Sorry, rambled a bit there. In short. Try different bottled waters and watch/read about the makeup of water and the effects it has.

    Enjoy. :-)

  • Another solution, if you have the storage space and means is to bottle your home tap water for your personal coffee brewing needs. A local coffee place had a full filter and probably mineral adder system for all their water. NY Pizza places swear up and down that the local water helps makes NYC pizza special.

    All that to say, yeah the water can make a difference. Best of wishes to get your coffee just the way you want it.

  • Hello !! everyone its my first post .Its a very useful thread...Filtered water and tap water typically taste slightly different, and as a result they also affect the way your coffee tastes. I simply use tap water when brewing coffee in my home.

    However, if your tap water tastes somewhat metallic or acidic, it's best to use filtered water - or even bottled water, if you're very particular. Aside from taste, filtered water is also better for your health, as it contains fewer impurities.

    Hope this small information will helps you. Thanks!!!

  • @johnmbonin said:


    Aside from taste, filtered water is also better for your health, as it contains fewer impurities.

    Show us one scientific report that supports this claim.

  • Rule of thumb is to make coffee with the water you like to drink.