Cold Brewing

Created by TwinkleTwinkie on April 28, 2015, 1:22 p.m.
  • Anyone here a fan of Cold Brewing coffee?

    This is my preferred method for consuming coffee. I think it has a much more rich flavor.

  • @TwinkleTwinkie: What kind of coffee are you using? I prefer Kona, but at the same time I'm not a coffee aficionado.

  • I mainly drink Giavelli coffee I wouldn't exactly call myself an aficionado either.
  • I realize this kind of defeats the purpose of cold brewing, but do you know what would happen if you heated this up to typical coffee drinking temp after you cold brewed it?

  • Assuming you only heated it to a reasonable drinking temperature and not scalding hot it may taste different. I've never heated it up though.

  • Just want to ask, is there something i should be more carefull or is the cold brewing so easy as the instructions all over the web say? I think ill give it a try in my french press so im curious

  • I just put coarse ground coffee in a glass of water and stick it in the fridge overnight. Next morning I pour it through a regular paper filter and it's done. It might be better the way it is described in the top link but it can be done with even less care ;).
  • I bought the Bruer cold dripper when it was on Kickstarter. Have to say that it works extremely well.

    60g pour over grind coffee in the bottom of it with the paper aeropress filter on top.
    50g 90°C water poured all over.
    10 minute hot bloom time.
    Add in the plug and then add 450g cold water and 150g ice. Set for 1 drip per second.
    Wait 6 hours or so.
    Drink in a chilled glass.

    Before that I tried various improvised methods and had varying levels of success. Weren't particularly repeatable either. Best was doing a 3 litre batch in a sealed bucket over 24 hours. 250g of coffee was used in that single batch.

  • Awesome that this is the top post in the coffee forum, literally came here for this topic. I consume a lot of cold coffee, not sure if it has been cold brewed. I will be looking into the options above. I can't stand the pre/mixed iced coffee jugs at the store, taste like thick creamer with coffee flavoring. Honestly I love the McDonalds Iced Coffee (plain). I have kickstarted a brewed iced coffee that was really great.