Insulated French Press

Created by andy.fancher on March 5, 2015, 8:41 a.m.
  • The title pretty much explains it all. I live alone and love to drink coffee. I prefer the French Press for a multitude of reasons, but I always make the entire carafe so I can have multiple cups. My only problem is that I have the basic glass carafe which doesn't insulate my coffee very well. By the time I finish the first cup the rest of my delicious concoction is cold. I was hoping you all could give me a few recommendations for insulated French Presses. Thanks!

  • Will had a video from SEA this summer...

    Here it is the Espro

  • @travatron4000:

  • Not tried an Espro, but it's on the list of coffee gadgets to buy.

    In the past I have used a french press and then decanted it into a thermos to keep it at a drinkable temperature and to stop it brewing. Worked ok. Need to pre heat the thermos first.

  • Ikea has one now! It's great! (bought one) and cheap compared to say Bodum...

    Made of stainless, gonna live forever...

  • I have this one from Bodum:

    To be honest, I use it for tea, but I've had it ~5 years now and its been awesome. Also easy to take apart if you want to do a deep cleaning on the plunger assembly. And bodum sells replacement cross plates with the silicone ring if you feel like yours is wearing out.