Fresh Coffee beans in the UK

Created by MikeM on Dec. 15, 2014, 2:02 p.m.
  • Hi,

    I've been using pact coffee for three weeks now, found them through similar means to Mike (actually my wife did) and decided to try them as I was getting an espresso machine and grinder for super lucky birthday times.

    The service is super convenient as they send it in packaging that fits through the letter box.

    There seems to be a reasonable choice which coffee we get each time, after the initial few week of coffee excitement we will probably drop down to 1 bag every 2 weeks. The frequency of delivery can be altered to suit your need.

    All the coffee we have had has been very tasty but I thought I'd highlight that while it is more expensive than supermarket coffee this seems an unfair comparison. In my local area I've found that similar quality of coffee* is similarly priced and required a trip out to go and collect it.

    All in all Pact is convenient and tasty and still at £1 for the first bag seems worth a try for anyone who is grinding their own coffee at home.

    *I try to find coffee firstly with a roast date on the bag and secondly for that date to be withing the last week or two weeks at a push.

  • I haven't tried Pact yet. They keep throwing emails at me though. Including offers for a free Hario V60.

    My regular coffee supply comes from Hasbean - I'm on two of his subscriptions.
    InMyMug - different coffee every week, video about it online.
    Steve's Super Secret Stash Subscription - a coffee a month that will never appear in the store, due to size of crop or bought for a specific blend and so on.

    I have used BlankBox Coffee in the past. Every month get sent a couple of bags of coffee with just a red or blue logo on them. No information in there with them, so you can taste them blind. Or you can look at the website and learn all about them. I always went in blind.

    I still buy bags when I'm out and about in London or Norwich. Square Mile is the common one to find, they supply a lot of the independents in London.

  • Limini coffee are a Bradford based coffee roaster who I have used in the past and are rather good :)

  • Found an updated UK coffee roaster list
  • is small, fresh and decent

  • whatever you do, do not use the Camden Coffee Roaster. I went to the shop a couple of times, saw not only rat droppings but a rat too