Tested on BBC News

Created by thatlad on Sept. 15, 2013, 3:42 a.m.
  • Good on them. Hooray!

    (Now who is that person walking up the stairs?)

  • Great to see Tested on TV! :-)

    After seeing this though, I had a look into the Kopi Luwak coffee as I remember seeing this video a while back and being interested in trying some. However, i was horrified to find a recent article by the BBC detailing the disgusting way in which the beans are being harvested in certain plantations.


  • Sorry, I missed that! :-S :-)

  • I watched that bbc news piece and thought it was bullshit journalism. I've went to Bali last year and they have plantations for tourists and you see the civets in those enclosures with the mesh below to catch the beans. No undercover work needed. It wasn't shocking one bit, after all we have millions caged chickens laying eggs everyday why would this be any different? If they didn't farm the coffee then it'd be child labour out there getting the poop in the wild.

    The real story in Indonesia is the poverty and corruption, this piece was just a cheap grab for attention

  • Aaaaah Ryan with a moustache (his smile at the end warms my heart), a very youthful looking Joey and Drew looking....exactly the same.

    Great nostalgia