Bodum Bistro burr grinder is good stuff

Created by HerbieBug on July 7, 2012, 10:17 p.m.
  • Just bought one of these. It's got a nice solid look and feel to it. Also, comes in some pretty bizarre colour choices if you'd like your grinder to fit in with your bowl of wax fruit. Grind is nice and consistent. Mechanism is quiet. Glass receptacle is a nice touch, keeps the static down. The only knock on this thing I've heard is that it might not be quite up to the task of of grinding fine enough to make every espresso machine out there happy. Apparently it works well with some but not others. I can't say. I don't have an espresso machine. It does work fantastic with pour over, aeropress, and french press though; to that I can attest.

    Not too shabby for $80 bucks.

  • I lot of users on Amazon complain about the coarseness. That no matter if they grind their coffee on the coarsest or finest level the coffee comes out extremely fine. Have you experienced this? I've been looking into buying a good but not too expensive griner so that's why I'm asking :)

  • I tried the most coarse setting with my french press this morning. I don't have much frame of reference to compare but I can say the grounds looked adequately coarse (and uniform) to me. Did not clog my press and did not leave sediment in the coffee.

    So I dunno.

  • I've used one as well and never had any issues with it. But yes, it won't do if you're gonna make espresso. At least quality espresso.

  • I've had mine for quite a while and it works great for Aeropress, French Press and pour over. I also got a good deal on it on Amazon for $70, although that doesn't seem to exist anymore.

  • Bodum Bistro really a fine grinder for home and have many positive reviews with a little negative though. However, as mentioned above french press does not grind well in the coarsest settings, I say that the best french press grind setting is not coarsest but coarse. And for espresso finest settings is not best but an one step less than finest setting is good enough for espresso.For the right grind size you may check this grinderguides and a nice bodum bistro review here and for troubleshooting issue check this.

  • Where, prey tell? I do not see any such offers here or at their retailer links:

    Click Here (

    Thanks for the suggestion, it looks good! I might go for the "Plus" model because it has a timer.

  • Well, Bodum Bistro in my eyes is an entry level grinder and is just to give a start. If you are really serious about how your coffee should taste, consider atleast going with Baratza Encore or Baratza Virtuoso. These will give more control over grinding precision and has precise and wonderful taste of coffee.