Let's talk about tea

Created by thabigred on Nov. 4, 2012, 8:56 a.m.
  • Alright I love coffee guys, but for whatever reason I've been on a tea kick. Mostly I just mess with Earl Grey but reluctantly I bought some Davidson's South African Rooibos on Amazon. Had really mediocre results but my tea kettle is quite old.

    So if you guys have any recommendations on nice tea sites, I'd love that. I mean what is the Intelligentsia of tea. Also if you had any recommendations for pots I'd love that. What is the Kone brewing of the tea world, lay it down for me brothers.

  • I just recently bought the teavana perfect tea maker, and it is pretty awesome for the price. I would also like to know what the Kone equivalent is.


    So I also bought a few of the Teavana brand teas and while they are really good I think I could probably find something just as good for less. But it is a good place to start with their samplers to get an idea about what kind of tea you enjoy.
  • @thabigred:  also, on the Teavana tea it gives you the steep times/temps which is very helpful.
  • Not really a tea site, but I do have some favorite brands. I usually just do PG Tips. I also got a box of Tetley tea since they have circular bags that fit in my pod coffee maker. I think Gary originally recommended both of these on a podcast.

  • @Firethorne: Yeah didn't Gary say that's what people normally drink in the UK?

  • Yep. But, I'm in the US and they're in my local supermarket. If they aren't in yours, there's always amazon.

  • @Rallier I actually ended up ordering one of those Breville tea robots. I figure it should be worth it, I'll probably have a cup of tea every morning (when I'm not having coffee that is).