Zojirushi mug cleaning

Created by brt on March 15, 2012, 6:54 p.m.
  • I rinse it with warm water and soap

  • @brt:

    Are you kidding me? Have you ever done any dishes in your whole life? Just put in the dishwasher and be done with it if that frightens you do it the old school way.

  • @JoMate: I don't trust dishwashers personally. I just wash everything immediately after I'm done using it. Everyone in my house does their own dishes that they've dirtied and you spend almost no time at the sink washing a handful of dishes
  • Someone else has asked this question before. Same answer. I'd recommend a bottle brush. Useful for cups and mugs as well.


  • I like to pour a couple of ounces of Everclear in there, swirl it around to get the entire inside nice and coated, then quickly drop in a burning match. Clean as a whistle.
  • I like to climb Mount Doom and dip it in there. Cleans that sucker right up.

  • I just checked this for my wife's Zojirushi, and going by what the manuals say for their *other* mugs, it is NOT DISHWASHER SAFE. For hand washing: the gaskets just slide off if you pull gently(just tried it), and then I'd use a small toothbrush.

  • Thanks to everyone for the advice. 
    I'm not retarded. I just wasn't sure if I should be routinely pulling the gaskets off as they may ultimately loosen over time and it if starts to leak it will be much less useful. I think I'll go with a tiered approach of rinsing with soap and water daily and then I'll occasionally pull off the gaskets and clean underneath. If all else fails I'll dip it in Mount Doom.
  • This is an old ass thread, but I'm currently looking for a way to clean out the stains in my mug. I actually thought there was some kind of coating coming off from the inside and contacted the Zojirushi support. They sent the attached picture, and mine looks similar, but not as bad. His response is below. Problem is, I can't find this Ecolab Dip-It for sale anywhere except for restaurant supply vendors. Nor can I figure out what is in it to make my own substitute. Apparently there's also some Zojirushi-branded cleaning packets as well (also attached), but it looks like only Japanese retailers sell it. Anyone have a similar problem? Any tips?

    There is no coating in the SM-KHE model. That is stain and deposits you have to remove.

    Please see attached picture. This is a severe case of stain inside the stainless steel liner.

    Please see the instruction book "How to Take Care of Your Mug" for the detailed instruction for cleaning.

    It can be easily removed by the stain remover (We recommend Eco Lab Dip-it).

    If you have never cleaned the liner before, please make sure that it is not a build-up of water deposits or stains.

    Please see "How to Use & Care For Your Vacuum Bottle".




  • Just noticed there's a model number on the box for the Zojirushi cleaner. Searched that in Amazon and it popped right up. It's about $10 for the cleaner, but ships from Japan. $15 prime option. I THINK there's 4 packets in the package. Now the question is, buy 4 cleaners for $15 or buy a new mug for $30?

  • @alongcor Wow, that looks awful. Can't really direct you which way to go on the new mug or cleaner.. how long did it take for it to develop tha?

    I have the Tuff Mug and am kind of desperate for one with a spout for the commute. My question is why do they make any of the mugs without the nonstick coating?

  • I rinse mine out after use with hot water on weekdays, and on the weekend I take it home and wash it with dish soap and a bottle brush. I rarely ever take off the gaskets when I wash it.

    The bottle facing side of the white mouth piece is pretty stained on mine, but otherwise its still really clean.

  • Some detergent is working.