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JoeHCamcorder that will let me change f-stop? »
by JoeH    in Cameras
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TsunamiJuanSome helpful 70D info for Anominal and anyone else with one. »
by TsunamiJuan    in Cameras
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TruthOasisDSLR camera recommendations and opinions. »
by TruthOasis    in Cameras
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skilled_gamerWanna buy my first Dslr for College, suggestions? »
by skilled_gamer    in Cameras
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super2jif I wanted to make a youtube video (720p?), what would it require of me? »
by super2j    in Cameras
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JayrossSlowly, I am starting to figure out my camera. [Video] »
by Jayross    in Cameras
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AnominalProtecting and Safeguarding your Camera and Gear »
by Anominal    in Cameras
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MrGuttsNew or Used Camera, Help Please. »
by MrGutts    in Cameras
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AnominalHome security cameras? »
by Anominal    in Cameras
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SteveJobsI need a entry-level DSLR!!!! »
by SteveJobs    in Cameras
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SkreddleHow can I geotag with a regular camera? »
by Skreddle    in Cameras
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stenchlordPhotoshop techniques »
by stenchlord    in Cameras
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VirtuaXavCamera Cases »
by VirtuaXav    in Cameras
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achoyqPanasonic Lumix GX1? »
by achoyq    in Cameras
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SonowakeCrop now or crop later? »
by Sonowake    in Cameras
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General DesireOnePlus One mega photoshoot (noobmode HDR) »
by General Desire    in Cameras
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ZaphAny photographers around? Need opinions on Micro Four Thirds »
by Zaph    in Cameras
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Test ResultsPlease, I could some adivce for first time DSLR camera.  »
by Test Results    in Cameras
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sindreaatlandCheapest stedycam (or just anything stabalizing) for mirrorless cameras? »
by sindreaatland    in Cameras
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radiantly420Great Quality - Music Video shot on iPhone 7 camera »
by radiantly420    in Cameras
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