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ToxeiaNeed help choosing a camera. »
by Toxeia    in Cameras
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generic_ericCamera recommendation »
by generic_eric    in Cameras
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simianA Tablet for the Rest of Us : Assu Announces Eee Pad »
by simian    in Cameras
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Greg818What's your take on hybrids/reflexes' new functionalities? »
by Greg818    in Cameras
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chairhome60D vs 7D: I know which is "better", but which is right for me? »
by chairhome    in Cameras
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FurtiveFoxBest camera/DV camcorder for live concert recordings »
by FurtiveFox    in Cameras
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TruthOasisDSLR camera recommendations and opinions. »
by TruthOasis    in Cameras
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JoMateNikon D3100 or canon eos 500D (t1i) little help please... »
by JoMate    in Cameras
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vysuonCanon 600D (T3i) or Sony Nex-5n »
by vysuon    in Cameras
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BaltimoreMoving from a Camcorder to Camera for video. »
by Baltimore    in Cameras
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JoMateGood entry lvl dslr »
by JoMate    in Cameras
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JayrossMy university campus at night: (Photo) »
by Jayross    in Cameras
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DweezilX$500 or less camera recommendations »
by DweezilX    in Cameras
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DarrenProcessing RAW files on Macs »
by Darren    in Cameras
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kim_aSome sweet downhill biking footage from a DJI Phantom »
by kim_a    in Cameras
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oldmanlongstaffCanon Wide Angle Lens »
by oldmanlongstaff    in Cameras
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AnominalBalancing Holidays and Photography »
by Anominal    in Cameras
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KnowOnesDesignsI want to up my YouTube game, Suggest a camera! »
by KnowOnesDesigns    in Cameras
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AtomicEdgeGetting Started »
by AtomicEdge    in Cameras
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TsunamiJuanI picked up a new Lens last week, Wanted to share the experience »
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