Dragon Age II

Created by WolfOfOne on March 15, 2012, 6:33 p.m.
  • Oh, and just as a point of interest, 44% of Giant Bomb likes Varric the best.
  • @extremeradical: Yeah, that was pretty bad ass. 
    Also, Merrill is second. I am okay with this. And thanks to that thread I found out she's voice by Eve Myles. Explains why I love her so much.
  • @extremeradical: Hmm varric or merril... one's a blood mage but the other is a total smartass... I can't decide which is better!
  • @WolfOfOne: I think Merrill is quite possibly my favorite video game character. Like... ever.
  • @extremeradical: Wow apparently you are vengeful heh, I stopped him.
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  • @extremeradical: holy crap man! :P  I take it Merril didn't like that? lol
  • @WolfOfOne Merrill and Sebastian were okay with it because I had already gotten them to 100% friendship. Fenris didn't like it, but I was pushing him toward rivalry anyway.
  • Well, I can't even get Dragon Age to start anymore.  Comp goes to a white screen and freezes and no amt of ctrl+alt+del or ctrl+shift+esc will budge it.  Have to hard reset it.  I kind of wish I had bought it on steam now so I wouldn't have to deal with securerom bullshit and I could verify the game cache to make sure something didn't go awry with the install. :/
  • @extremeradical: I went back after doing that and reloaded my save from the Shrine room. Had to pick the one dialog option that made that NOT happen.
  • @Falcon I did the opposite. The first time, I reached a peaceful resolution, and I recanted when I gained friendship points with Fenris. I WAS PUSHING HIM TOWARDS RIVALRY, DAMMIT!
  • @extremeradical: Haha! I love Merrill, so I want her to be as least distraught as possible.
  • @Falcon I was with Merrill too, but my Hawke was clearly more self-serving. Too bad completing Fenris's rivalry mission gave me friend points.
  • yeah that bitch isabella started a war :(
  • So I just finished it, and I didn't really like the ending:

  • @Mirado said:

    " So I just finished it, and I didn't really like the ending:

    Yeah, I was frustrated by the myriad of things that you can't change that had a multitude of reasonable ways to prevent from happening. 
    Overall, I've enjoyed the ride enough where the mediocre ending doesn't really hurt it too much. In fact, I'm on playthrough 3, and that's even after getting screwed out of an achievement due to the game bugging out and not registering my 2nd playthrough as a 2nd playthrough.
  • @Mirado:
    I'm just about to start The Last Straw. Any guesses on how much time I've got left (I figure the train is rolling into the station now). I want to finish it tomorrow, but also want to be sure I put enough time aside to complete it.
  • @Falcon: If you've finished "On the Loose" and "Best Served Cold" you should be at essentially the last quest. If not, you've got about 3 main quests left.
  • @fish_face_mcgee: Sweetness. Shit's about to go down...
  • PHEW! Finished. 
    PS - Totally looked up at the credits while typing this to see "Babies!" Oh Bioware...
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  • For those of you who played Dragon Age: Origins but lost your save (perhaps due to not backing up and formatting etc).


    It's a save generator.

    Will allow you to create a Dragon Age: Origins save which you can import into Dragon Age 2.
  • @Falcon: Yup, contrary to what Giant Bomb people might say, it didn't really detract from my other 29.9 hours of Dragon Age 2.

  • @extremeradical:@Falcon:  It didn't kill the game for me, but it soured it a bit. It wouldn't of been as bad if the game had a terrible middle and a great ending; sort of like Mass Effect 2, I had a real "So this is my big conclusion?" feeling in this.
    Still a great game, though.