Dragon Age II

Created by WolfOfOne on March 15, 2012, 6:33 p.m.
  • @MAGZine:  SPOILER WARNING: Click here to reveal hidden content.
  • So I broke down and got this; it's now 5AM and I've been playing ever since I got back to my apartment at 10. Damn this game. I didn't play the first one so it's all quite new to me, but the ups and downs are evident. The voice work is great, the combat is snappy with great effects, and (at least with everything jacked up to max) it looks great. My only gripe is the controls; as a PC purist I never thought I'd say that, but I'm really not liking the mouse in this. Clicking to run is awkward, targeting enemies isn't as fluid as it should be, and I often find myself standing there getting pummeled instead of attacking.
    Other then that (and I bet I'm either missing something or I'll get the hang of it) it's been fantastic.
  • I'm barely into it (Character is LVL5) but I'm surprised that I've already encountered some revenants. I recall those being BASTARD tough in Origins and while they're not 'rats in the basement' level of difficult I'm not being murdered. Same with the Orge in what's basically the prologue. I straight up murdered that sucker.
  • @Mirado

    Clicking to run? Yuck. WASD please. Also, I kind of agree that targeting is awkward, but that stops being the case once you start pausing tactically.
  • @lane:  Wait, WASD works in this? Welp, there goes one headache. I'm going to have a hard time with the pausing, though; I almost never bothered in ME2, so it'll be tough to break into it.
  • oh yeah wasd works! if it didnt id like the game a lot less
  • Wow, so........ fuck the high dragon fight. I can't imagine how this fight is even possible on normal or higher. It's pretty much impossible without Anders. The first time I got demolished before even getting his health down to half. The next few times I'm not paying close enough attention and Anders goes from half health to no health in the blink of an eye. 
    Just a word of warning for when people get to it.
  • @Helushune: If you play the game on PC, you can check out this mod that replaces spiders with drakspawn or dog models, or this mod that just replace them with dogs
  • @Falcon: Beat the High Dragon on normal, I had to stock up on potions (went through about 15 health and mana pots), and had a few special potions (ATK+, Super Health/Stamina pot, and a few auto-revive pots in case anders got ganked by minions). Went Rogue, Guardswoman, Fenric, and Anders. (I know my friend had a much easier time on his mage, don't know the rest of his party)
  • This is early stuff (end of act 1) but I'll toss it in spoiler tags as it is a plot point.
  • @Scooopex:
    What a great idea.  I think I'll be getting the PC version...  Thank you.
  • @Mirado: lmao!  That's a good point!  Maybe I should be watching my back more since she's usually in my party :P  Then again, I seem to be a lot less anit-blood mage since I was one in Origins and I turned out alright lol! :P 
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  • @Falcon: Um, I was playing on Casual, but I fucking destroyed the High Dragon, at least in the sense that I didn't lose the whole party, just Merril. This is my second playthrough and, stats-wise I only have put points into attributes that the characters were already proficient in.  
    Edit: Sorry, looking at what I wrote it looks like I basically said, "Suck less." Which you should =), but yeah. 
  • @LtSquigs: Oh, damn I didn't take him :P 
    @fish_face_mcgee: agreed on the first spoiler
  • @fish_face_mcgee: @LtSquigs: Really? I'm at the point where I'm going to have to use Hold and control everyone manually.
  • @Falcon: It all depends on who you go with. My room-mate did it in such a way that there was no danger at all of loosing, but took forever because of low damage output. 
    The thing is you have to be very good at positioning. Make sure Anders isn't on the edge of the map when the dragon goes on it's perch, or else he is going to get murdered by spawned mobs. Stocking up on potions is also a pretty good idea (giving a few people the auto-revive potions is a good backup plan). 
    I pretty much had Anders in his heal mode the whole fight, It wasn't worth it trying to jump between attack and heal with him. When the dragon is down on the ground fighting you, make sure anders is far away from the dragon to avoid getting hit by fireballs. He can take one or two but not a whole bunch (and heal him up whenever possible). When the dragon goes up to the perch, try to move everyone in the middle with anders being the most in the middle. This way the spawn in mobs from the outside areas will attack your melee and not him (don't put them too close together though to avoid fireballs). 
    You may also want to give Anders the Glyph of Paralysis, Mind Blast (with stun), and Barrier if you don't have them. These moves are all great for saving his ass when he gets ganged up on (and paralysis is great in general).
     If you go with double tanks (gaurds woman and fenric) then the minion parts are pretty easy (of you don't cluster to avoid getting hit by fireballs), as long as you give them stamina pots to use taunt. The dragon fighting might take a big longer, but it's a generally safer route.
    For my Rouge Hawke I found having the decoy move indispensable (heck it's what made the Arishok really easy), it provides a quick way to get hate off of a high damage dealer and distracts the dragon into attacking the decoy for a while. (If you combine this with Duelist rogue you can first force the dragon to fight the rogue and then decoy away to waste its time). 
    Liberally recharge the tanks stamina with potions. The only way they get stamina back is by killing mobs, which you wont be doing much, and you want to make sure they can taunt. 
    I can't think of much else to throw in there. After getting the strategy down and the party set up, the fight wasn't very hard just a bit long.
  • @LtSquigs:  I'm rolling with Mage, Aveline, Anders, and Merrill for the fight.
    Merrill has enough defense spells that I don't have to worry about her too much with mobs. One stray fireball though and she's in trouble. My main problem was probably patience when I first went up against it. And Aveline running away like a fucking bitch *sigh*. I just really didn't know what I was getting into when going down there to face it. Thank the Maker I save like a madman.
  • @Falcon: lol :P  Where is the fight, in Act 3?
  • @WolfOfOne: Yes sir. I want to get it done before shit hits the fan in the Main quest line.
  • @Falcon: Ah, ic.  I'm still in Act 2, but I haven't played in a day or so. 
    @Mirado: Apparently Anders agrees with you on not liking blood mages (even though he has a uh "spirit" in him).  Doing a quest for the Dalish keeper, one of the clan ran away from Merril and got himself killed.  Later Merril says something like why did he run away from me?  What was he thinking?  Anders replies "Probably ahhhh blood mage!"  I'm still laughing at the way he said it :P
  • @Falcon: I went in with Warrior-Hawke, Anders, Merril, Varric. I think Varric got KO'd quickly, but the rest of the team stayed alive and killed him. Hawke was never at any risk of a KO, and I was just wiping out the dragonlings and normal dragons. I was playing on Casual, and my characters were all around level 18 (I think), but the level shouldn't really matter since everything's supposed to scale. I think the problem is that Aveline does not really deal out too much damage, in my experience, which means you would want to do a lot of kiting with her to keep everyone off the weaker ranged duders.
  • @fish_face_mcgee: Hmm, sound about right. I had Varric instead of Anders at first and quickly changed that. He's most useful for increasing everyones attack speed and moving agro off people, but yeah, he goes down pretty quick. I use a lot of AoE spells and I have Merrill with the lovely lightning AoE so that helps Aveline with the mobs quite a bit.
  • @WolfOfOne:  "I can control it! Blah blah my ears are pointy and that gives me +12 to not turning into a crazy demonic mass of hate and blood!"
    I'm ready to have Varric put a bolt in her at any moment.
  • @Mirado: lmao!  Yes, just have him follow her around with Bianca at the ready, just in case :P
  • @Falcon: Wow thats way too many mages for my taste. Mages have been changed a lot since DA:O so they aren't the best damage dealers anymore. They are good for controlling, but rogues and warriors blow them out of the water in sheer damage.
  • @LtSquigs: Hmm... I love Merrill, but I need Anders for this fight. Maybe I'll try switching out Merrill for Fenril if I can't get it on my next try.
  • @LtSquigs: Yeah, I miss those days lol.  I think in origins I had 3 mages in the party usually :P
  • Holy crap! 
    Probably the most bad-ass thing I've seen in a while.

  • @extremeradical: Waaa!?  Damit, now I'm going to have to complete quests for him to find out why he'd do that!