Dragon Age II

Created by WolfOfOne on March 15, 2012, 6:33 p.m.
  • @Falcon: O great, I'm not looking forward to that fight on Normal if you had trouble on casual! 0.0 ahhh..  Right now, I'm trying to defeat a Revanant, Rage Demon, 4 Shades, A Golem, and an assload of corpses and skeleton archers in this abandoned thaig just outside of the Dalish settlement and that damn revanent and golem just wont die!! lol.
  • @Falcon: Wait you can fight that boss with your party? I had a mano e mano duel with the boss.
  • @WolfOfOne: 
    Are you talking about the fight that happens in Sundermount just a little while after you
    That fight is crazy broken. I had to turn the difficulty down to beat it, and I've heard a lot of other people say they did the same thing. And it's just supposed to be a random run-of-the-mill encounter!
  • @WolfOfOne: Do you mean the cave off to the left of the settlement? In that big room? Yeah, I can see how that one is fucked. I was all, "just die and let me take the book already!" 
    @LtSquigs: OH DEAR GOD! I would stop playing if I had to do that room solo. Just to be sure we're on the same page... 
  • @Falcon: Yeah that fight, but I didn't have to fight any of his army. It was just me an him. It was still really tough.
  • @LtSquigs: Ah. I'm guessing you chose the frontal assault then. That way they all came out in waves. I did the distraction, so only the guards out front were taken care of.
  • @Falcon: No I did the distraction, I think the reason I got to that point was because of how I decided to deal with the relic. (Chose to help my companion)
  • I'll be buying this when it goes on sale on 360. I bought the original on PC thinking that a controller mod was going to work great with it. Still waiting for a controller mod on the first that is descent.  Hate playing these games with mouse and keyboard. 
    ME2 has an awesome controller mod. 
    DA series combat system disappoints me. I wish they would just scrap all the new mechanics and just make a sequel to Baldur's Gate. I know DA is meant to be a spiritual successor but I don't like the direction they went with it.
  • @lane: @Falcon: Yeah, the cave just outside and to the left of the dalish setllement in Sundermount.  I'm thinking I'm going to have to turn the difficulty down to casual and just grenade them lol.
  • @LtSquigs: Ah, okay. I told her to fly a kite. I was all "FUUUUUUU" since Bioware was having me make a few major decisions all within two hours.
  • @WolfOfOne

    Oh okay, we're talking about two different fights. although I only had turn it down to normal for heart so you may still have a chance. as an aside doesn't the speech recognition on android work wonderfully? glee should not be posting lan driving but I'm very bored. this highway is very straight and empty.
  • @lane:  You shouldn't be posting lan driving at all, that's the type of shit you keep to yourself. Lan driving is private, you know?
    Anyway, I'm curious as to the length of this game. For those of you who have finished act 1 or 2 or whatever, how long did it take? I'm hearing that this game is like 40 hours, which is awesome.
  • @Mirado: Sounds about right. I believe I was around 25-26 hours play time when I finished Act 2. I'll be over 30 hours once I actually start tackling the Main quest.
  • @Mirado: yeah only WAN driving is public ;) 
    @lane: ah, okay, but still this fight is insane!  I got past the first room on casual... then went upstairs and there's about 10 shades, 2 rage demons, a revanant, a desire demon, and a few abominations for good measure... on casual!!! 0.0
  • I am loving this game so far. I've put in two late nights playing it and I haven't even left for the Deep Roads expedition. 
    Not a lot of party member dialogue though, and that makes me kind of sad.
  • @extremeradical: Not a lot of party member dialog?... *squints eyes* Are you playing Dragon Age 2 by Bioware, published by EA?
  • @Falcon: he probably means not being able to talk to them outside of their homes/work.  And event then, you don't get to ask them as many questions up front as the first game (as you do quests for them, you find out/talk to them more).
  • @WolfOfOne: Ah, gotcha. That way it seems more organized though. Talk to them randomly, then do a quest with little dialog. Or do a specific quest for them, and learn more about them, learn what this quest means to them and why they're doing it.
  • @Falcon: Yeah, I just realized how silly that sounded. I'm pretty sure Dragon Age: Origins had more.
  • The real question, gentlemen, is are there spiders?  I have arachnophobia in a big way.  Even the spiders in WoW creep me out (which made for interesting Naxx/5man runs when I was a main tank).
  • Yep, tons of spiders. 
  • @Helushune: You will be made uncomfortable on more than one occasion then.
  • Dammit!  That's the reason I never finished Killzone 2 or Unreal 2.  Hit the parts with the spiders, closed the game/shut off the system, and said eff that. 
    Why does every fantasy game have to have spiders?  =(
  • @Helushune: Because they're evil beings that must be eradicated from this earth, and any other land.
  • @Helushune: Spiders are inherently evil. Shouldn't it be cathartic to kill what you fear from the safety of your monitor?
  • @Falcon: I whole heartily agree. 
    @Mirado: I had a hard enough time dealing with cartoony spiders on my monitor.  I had to show my brother how to use my warrior and tank this thing for a few runs before I was comfortable enough to do it myself: 

    I thought I had a screenshot of me tanking her in-game but apparently not.  That picture really doesn't do the scale any justice.
  • @Helushune: Agreed on spiders!  I don't have a phobia per se but I really hate them!  If I know they're there, and can avoid them I'm okay, but If I'm not prepared I'm like holy shit, spider! lol :P 
    The spiders in DOOM 3 freaked me out as a kid, and I had to have my brother help with moral support through that level lmao.
  • I'm playing through right now, and I can totally agree on the spiders. 
    This is how it breaks down for me: 
    • oh. Super hard boss dude with all sorts of crazy armor and a skull for a face. He calls up demonic souls and does all sorts of frantic yelling with crazy jaws. No problem. Not scary.
    • Level 2 "poison spider" with extra large carapace? Get the hell away from me. I'll just let my team auto them while I hide in the corner.
  • @MAGZine if you think that is bad just wait for the deep roads >.>

  • @WolfOfOne: Goody. I can just tell all of the fun that I'm going to have. perhaps I'll get a giant frog to eat the giant spiders.