Dragon Age II

Created by WolfOfOne on March 15, 2012, 6:33 p.m.
  • I got the game in the mail just now. Installed it and was ready to play, only to be met by an SecuRom Online Release Date Check. Another day before I can play :(
  • @Falcon said:
    " So... picked up Merrill before taking a break. Aside from the whole blood magic thing, she just might be the most adorable thing ever.  Just sayin'. "
    Welsh accents are cute. Of course, it's odd that everyone else in her village is Irish, but hey. 
    I finished up DA:O right before jumping into this, and I have mixed feelings so far. The story presentation is great and I like the graphics upgrade. However... 
    - Even on normal level, combat in DA:O could be challenging. This isn't. 
    - Unable to customize armor of companions? Wha?? 
    I'm only a few hours in. We'll see how it goes.
  • Finally got the game activated:) And it runs so much better than the demo. This is gonna be a fun weekend
  • I have my 360 copy... I'm looking forward to starting. I only have 7 days to finish the game, though, so I might start it after I come back from vacation.
  • Sweet fucking christ I hate the way Amazon UK ships pre-orders to Ireland. Mine has just been shipped now, which means I'll likely get it Monday (or maybe Tuesday). They should have some kind of incentive to pre-order games early - by giving you preferential shipping times or something for effectively pledging money to them a couple months in advance. I actually cancelled my order with Amazon last year for Civ5 and went to the shop to get it instead because they were taking so damn long to ship it (it still hadn't begun processing on release day). I'd do that more often if in-store prices weren't so high compared to what Amazon offers. I guess that's the trade-off, but man it's frustrating!
  • @frytup: It took a while for the combat to start to get challenging for me. I haven't fully wiped yet, but I have certainly encountered a few battles where all but one of my guys died trying to fight. 
    The armor customization for companions thing does kind of suck, I mean I understand why they did it, because they want the companions to have a specific look and not some silly combination of thrown together items, but it's still a bummer. 
    Oh well, still loving it.
  • yeah the armor situation kind of sucks bc i have like 20 sets of armor now that i cant do anything with! lol

    at first i chalked it up to be part of the story since my character wouldnt be telling everyone else what to wear all the time :p
  • @WolfOfOne: I suspect DLC soon to follow. 
    "Only $7.99 to unlock companion armor upgrades!"
  • @frytup: Wait, if true.. that really sucks unless those upgrades can also be found in game somewhere (without paying).  Who knows, maybe next month EA will offer us a 10 unlock to be able to change companions armor! -.-
  • @WolfOfOne: I haven't heard anything about armor DLC, as for upgrading companion armor. The upgrades are buy-able in a few of the shops over the game, just be on the lookout (usually about 1 sovereign in price).
  • @LtSquigs: Oh, okay, I haven't seen any armor upgrades yet but I've mostly been selling stuff and not looking to buy anything yet :P. 
    Someone said that the combat was really easy.  I'm playing through on normal and it's only now starting to become a real fight (a few hours in).  Before now it was basically me taking down everything in my path by just looking at enemies wrong :P  (mages are much more powerful than the demo made me think). 
    EDIT:  Also, has anyone else noticed wether or not spreading out the abilities  will hurt down the road?  Should I just pick one specializion like Vanguard and invest all abilities into that,or is there enough levels that I could pick two areas to spend ability points on?
  • @WolfOfOne: Im not sure wheter its smart to focus on a spec, but I noticed that you can buy respec potions from the Black Emporium. So if you got that, then just experiment ^^
  • ah, good idea! so far im trying not to spread things too thin. also, merril has some funny lines :p

    for examplw: a mugging happened last night. just outside my door, it was fascinating. lol

    and did i miss something dirty?.. bc seem to miss dirty things and i wouldnt mind hearing them.
  • @WolfOfOne: Merril is good, but verric is my favorite so far. He has the best character specific quest dialog (his ability to tell lies is incredible)
  • I really wished Verric was a warrior so I could use him as a tank. Right now I roll with Merrill, Isabella, and Aveline. Aveline is so boring though... I will never not use Merrill because she is freaking adorable and hilarious. I honestly think she might be my favorite video game character ever. Even above HK-47 and Mordin (coincidence Bioware makes the most memorable characters? I think not). And Isabella as a juxtaposition to her makes the banter even better. 
    I think on my eventual second playthrough I'll be a lady tank bitch, and roll Merrill, Isabella, and Verric.
  • @Falcon: haha, you've convinced me to have Isabella around, it is pretty funny.  So right now I have Verric, Isabella, and Merril (Isabella replaced Aveline). 
     So I've done every side quest (and wow there are a lot of them!) and now the only quest left is to start the expedition.. and I'm up to a level 11 mage.  Where is everyone else at?  Are all these side quests worth it for leveling up or are the main quests giving enough XP to level up fast enough to not get killed in fights?
  • @WolfOfOne: I've been doing the same thing. I finally picked up the last part member (crazy Elf whose name escapes me). I'm hoping that I'm on the last bit of side quests. I really want to get underway with the story now. But I also want to see everything! If I didn't do all the side quests I would have missed the Elf dude, and the awesome quests that make you go to the brothel, hehe. 
    Everything scales to your level, so that shouldn't ever really be a problem. I'm the same level as you, so I guess I'm almost done with side quests if you're done.
  • @Falcon: Ah, okay the leveling makes sense then i suppose.  Hopefully you haven't taken Isabella with you on the expedition as you're likely not to make it out alive unless you have a tank with you!  I had to go back to an earlier save (autosaving ftw!) and replace isabella with Carver (Aveline would work well aswell).  I can't say much more without spoilers lol.  But you'll need a tank. 
    Uhh Fenris might be his name? idk lol.  That's my thinking, if I don't do every side quest I might miss something!
  • @WolfOfOne: Yup, if I wasn't play on Casual I would have totally needed a tank. :P 
    Going in I was like "I hope I don't regret this..." Once I got to to the first boss fight I totally did. Made it through fine though, thanks to me playing on casual and all. Hehe.
  • @Falcon: lol, that works aswell :P 
    I really didn't want to go back to an earlier save as  I couldn't remember the last time I had saved it (autosave saved my ass in other words), so I tried to be tricky and run all my party back through the corridors and through that door into the room where the Ogre was.  In that room, I could hide to the side of the door and not get attacked; however everyone else in my party ruan right up to him and died. 
     Which brings me to the one thing more than anything else about the game that irritates me to no end.  The autoattack.  Surely there is a way to turn this off??  No matter if I used the hold position button (lower left hand side on the quick bar) or not, as soon as I unpaused the game, they'd instantly move right to the d-- uhh, "boss" (lol) and get themselves killed.  what the #()*#.  In the first game, if you told them to hold position, even if their were 20 guys surrounding them and shooting arrows into their faces they'd hold position.   Both console and pc players  must see the value in that so why remove it (or even worse, keep the button but have their autoattack override it i'd guess is what's happening)? 
    I really hope I'm just missing a check box or something..
  • Isabella and Aveline together is sometimes hilarious. I think you want to have Isabella around whenever you're doing Aveline's sidequests. Cat fights abound.
    Its like Joker said in Mass Effect 2, " Take pictures!"
  • @WolfOfOne: Change the presets maybe? I've been meaning to do that myself... Every time I want Aveline to taunt late in a battle she never has any damn stamina left. Stop using abilities woman!
  • @Falcon: Hmm, yeah maybe their something in the tactics slots that overrides it.. how annoying EA, now I have to actually not be lazy and figure out the custom tactics lol.
  • I really like this bug that puts the conversation about the conclusion of the quest right before the quest. Really helped me not be confused about the whole thing.
  • @yoshimitz707: I found a bug that trumps all a couple days ago. 
    Some random collection quest that doesn't even have any dialog. I go to turn it in, but the marker is still above the dude's head. So I hit A again... and again........ and again. It let me turn in the quest an infinite amount of times. 20 minutes later I'm lvl 50 and have over 800 gold pieces. I created a separate save file for future dicking around. (stupid level scaling doesn't make it THAT awesome though, sadly)
  • @Falcon woah, nice!
  • @yoshimitz707: 
    I know exactly what you're talking about. I saved right before that part at least so after I did the quest I loaded up a save about two hours prior and watched the quest end cutscene.
  • It looks like Mass Effect in a fantasy environment.  I need to get this.
  • @Helushune: Indeed :D

  • Oh my GOD! I thought I was going to have a heart attack at the end of Act 2. That fight was so intense. I had to pause after every attack to issues orders, and have everyone hold position. The first time they did their own thing, got surrounded and raped.