Dragon Age II

Created by WolfOfOne on March 15, 2012, 6:33 p.m.
  • @WolfOfOne: Kinda glad to hear I wasn't the only one with a problem in that fight as a mage.
  • @Falcon: tbh I died I think 4 times when trying to do that video walkthrough and by the end I was like finally!!  Then I blew through the demo like it was nothing with the rogue even though I've never played as a rogue in any game before :P what's up with that? :P 
    @LtSquigs: I know, I ended up not being able to beat the first game in time for the second one :P 
    EDIT:  Just got my tracking information from Amazon.  release day shipping ftw :)
  • @WolfOfOne: I dunno, there might be some retarded level scaling going on. The second part of that demo was a breeze.  
    Also, I HAVEN'T GOTTEN MY EMAIL YET! AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! *pulls hair out* Oh well, Amazon has always gotten games to me on release day. *tries to stay calm* 
  • @Falcon: Agreed, it was easy after and before that last Ogre fight.  But in that fight it kicked my @ss lol.
  • Everyone else's pre-orders shipping? :D
  • I just got confirmation that my signature edt was in the mail. It will probably be here tomorrow :D
  • My sister-in-law told me that they got me an Amazon gift card for my birthday and that she'd e-mail it to me, so I'm waiting on that before I buy the game. She still hasn't sent it to me, though. I might have to give her a friendly reminder.
  • I still haven't gotten my email :( 
    When Hot Pursuit came out I got that day of while getting the email on the day of release. *prays* 
    EDIT - Estimated delivery date, FRIDAY!? Welp, looks like I'm going to GameStop today. At least I'll get the pre-order bonuses, MUHAHAHA!
  • @Falcon: Friday!? ahhh, did they run out of copies? :P
  • Also, don't forget to grab the High Res Texture Pack for DX 11 awesomeness :D 
  • @WolfOfOne: Honestly? I think they did. I have Prime, but always have gotten games on release day to me even on the 2 day shipping. Today is the release date... Friday is three days from now. I've been lied to. I only ordered it on Saturday, so I really do think their stock is low. 
    Anyway, my Xbox is whizzing away as the game installs. *waits impatiently*
  • Hmm, I'm actually not sure exactly when I ordered it :P  Something like a week ago I believe.  This is the first time I've gotten to use the free release date shipping but so far so good... I really hate how UPS lists it ominously as Out For Delivery as I play the wating game :P  I was real time GPS tracking on that thing! lmao :D 
    I would call them as see if they can knock a few bucks off at least since you're gonna have to go rent that sucker for xbox just to get your fix lol!
  • It came at 3 on the dot, so UPS tracking was spot on for once :D
  • Now is DA:2 a prequel, sequel or completely separate from DA:O story line wise?
  • after DA:O story wise but also a parallel when talking abt the champion, only it doesnt take place in ferelden (the country of sorts where origins takes place).

    thats my understanding at least. idk abt Awakening as i havent played it.
  • I wasn't sure cause I have not playe any of the DA games.  All this talk about DA2 makes me want to play it but I wasn't sure how the stories lined up for them.
  • There's an option to import your save data, it had hooks from DA:o and Awakening apparently.
  • I can get the Signature edition at a video store in town for $60, is it any better than the normal version? 
    I might go get all 4 copies I seen, since it's selling for $130 on ebay right now!
  • @GTFShadow you could easily play DA II without playing the first game.
  • @GTFShadow: It's kind of disjoint from DA:O. The decisions you made in DA:O matter because they change the world of the game, but you aren't playing the same character. It basically has a time skip mechanic similar to the Fable series, several times during the story you will skip a year ahead. So at the very start of the game, you are concurrent with the very start of DA:O, but very shortly into DA2 it time skips and you are after the end of DA:O.
    As for playing from scratch, the game has an import feature for a DA:O save, but it also has 3 preset backgrounds you can chose from. So it is possible to start from scratch without having played DA:O pretty easily.
  • I was pretty sure I preordered it, with free release day shipping, too. However, I don't think it's here.

    I have bad feelings about this game, though. Seems worse than ME2 and ME1. Also seems worse than DAO. All of this is based off impressions, so hopefully I will be proven wrong.

    Hopefully Will and Norm will talk about it on the podcast, afterall, PC games!
  • I'm liking it so far, it seems to be a lot more story based and less wandering around wondering where to go based, not that it's necessarily a bad thing :P 
    I just ran into an issue where hitting Esc does... nothing (had to hit F5 and hope that's the quicksave key!, then manually exit and restart it), but other than that it's been running smoothly on my 6950 @ max settings :D 
    EDIT:  Here's some screenshots:   http://www.flickr.com/photos/26444057@N08/sets/72157626101867017/show/
  • So... picked up Merrill before taking a break. Aside from the whole blood magic thing, she just might be the most adorable thing ever. 
    Just sayin'.
  • @Falcon: lol haven't gotten that far :P
  • Game discussions on Tested always seem to go better than the ones on Giant Bomb.
  • its because tested is awesome
  • God damn does that one chick look just like Prince Adam.
  • @lane: Haha, she totally does now that you mention it. 
    So yeah, I fucking love fantasy RPGs. The first Mass Effect was amazing, don't get me wrong (second one is more a shooter than rpg). But man, I love me some spell castin' and amulet equipin'.
  • @lane: lmao, which one?

  • Sorry for the double post, but I wanted to post this link to Giantbomb's side by side comparison of the Xbox 360 and PC versions of Dragon Age.  They did this live, only I missed it since I was playing it myself! :P  It's archived here on JustinTV though (and hopefully will be on the GB site in HD soon :D)