Dragon Age II

Created by WolfOfOne on March 15, 2012, 6:33 p.m.
  • Have you guys tried out the demo?  What'd you think of it?
  • I have yet to play of it, but from early tweets I've seen, the majority of them seem to be disappointed with "It's everything I want Dragon Age not to be". 
    I still have yet to play the first one. :/
  • @MAGZine: Hmm, I actually liked it for the most part.  Some of the UI changes are annoying to me but it's mostly because I'm used to doing things the first dragon age way :P 
    I'm at... about 20% completion on the first game, so yeah I have a ways to go until I'll get to play DA II (still have Awakening dlc to get to aswell). 
    I liked the combat improvements, it looks a lot smoother.  Especially for the mage, the moves are actually fluidly chained together were in the first game it feels like they are... doing move A. Move directly to move B animation with no transition between.  (could be wrong, but that's what it feels like to me), but DA II it's very fluid.  The graphics are improved.  Not the greatest ever but plenty good enough for me! :D
  • I've downloaded the demo but have been too busy with Killzone 3 to try it out. I plan on getting the game though... DA2 was pretty decent.
  • Crappy Core2Duo is crappy. :(
  • I didn't care for DA:O, but I've played the shit out of the DA2 demo. It's gone from a non-buy to a possibly-day-one-purchase for me.
  • Too casual.
  • @MAGZine: That's crazy since it's very very close to DA:O. Then again, people have been way overreacting to the changes in DA2 since the moment they announced that anything was different. Since people have been ranging from saying that it's basically the same to "it's just like dynasty warriors" I have stopped believing the dissenters and ended up liking it just fine. 
    EDIT: I don't understand the Too Casual complaint. DA2 is more complicated than DA:O (There are more abilities, each ability has sub abilities, and the abilities have more complicated mechanics). Yeah the classes seem more balanced, the action seems faster (not that it actually is, there are just more animations that make it feel like it is), and the UI has been improved to make it easier to navigate through menus. I guess the battles seemed a little easier, but that was because I wasn't encumbered by the fake difficulty that plagued DA:O (Being able to spec yourself into a corner, bad ai, bad surfacing of gameplay mechanics).
  • @LtSquigs:  http://timverry.com/?p=558 :)
  • I've played through it once as a warrior, and it left me wanting more. I've only seen the QL for Origins, and I recalled the combat being rather... well, janky. And as WolfOfOne pointed out, it's smoother and much more fluid in my eyes. I guess Bioware has streamlined the game quite a bit, but I'm not going to argue after seeing the improvements from ME1 to ME2.
  • I'll have to look into the demo. I enjoyed the first game, so even if they provided us with much of the same, I would still play it.
    Also, did anyone notice that this thread is in the "Cameras" forum?
  • @CROM: Woah, I could've sworn I picked "Games" lol, oops
  • If  you didn't like DAO very much you'd probably enjoy this.
  • Haven't had the time to finish the demo but... I like the Xbox 360 version over the PC demo sadly. Playing while pausing the game and issuing commands works fine but it all seems simpler while the speed makes the combat move quicker. But there is a disconnect from what I am doing and what appears on the screen. There really isn't a need to pause and issue commands constantly like the first one did. This could be the demo and like I said, haven't played enough of the demo. 
    Playing it on the 360, I do like how you basically spam the A button to melee and the different abilities are mapped to X, Y, B and further when holding the triggers. It plays a lot like a action adventure game, like Fable I suppose. 
    Weekend is here so I'll play a bit more but so far, I'm seriously not debating which platform. PC should be the clear cut answer because of the mod support but the 360 has made it a bit more engaging. We will see.
  • @Teaspoon83: PC version with a mod to allow controller support, best of both worlds ;)
  • I tried it out last night, as much as I liked DA:O I sucked badly at the combat in that game so I am not going to complain if they simplified it, although clicking to attack in the pc version seems a little odd, you kinda get the feeling they did this one with consoles first in mind.
  • @Scorch said:
    " If  you didn't like DAO very much you'd probably enjoy this. "
    Pretty much how I feel about it, it has kind of been turned into a bad button masher. 
  • I have to say that I really like a lot of the changes that they've made. I like the new "tech tree" aspect of picking skills since it makes it feel more like you're building up a skill set. In the old game some of the skills felt disconnected from the others even though they supposedly built on one another. I also really like what they've done with the thief; the enhanced backstab ability as well as some of the better bow abilities look like the thief will be a lot more fun to play. And I'm afraid that I don't really "get" the complaints about the Mass Effect-style dialog wheel. So they put the dialog options in a wheel instead of a list, so what? Yes, I know that in ME, ME2 and now in DA2 you're not actually picking what the character says, you're only picking the tone. Except that in DA:O, your character didn't talk, so it wasn't clear that you weren't just picking the conversational tone in that game as well. Anyway, I'm looking forward to it. Definitely a day one purchase for me.
  • Combat isn't actually sped up that much, it's just everyone is now attacking 20 times a second and pirouetting in place like a spaz.  
    But yeah, it's a console game now. That's good or bad depending on your preferences.
  • @Metalideth yeah in my video playthrough i felt like the combat was a bit like the witcher..but with more than one attack
  • What are you people talking about? It's not a console game. It's pretty much just DA:O again. I mean DA:O was also an action game, you could pause but you didn't need to most of the time. Except DA:O was plagued with bad design decisions that made the game arbitrarily hard for the wrong reasons. You still need strategy in DA2, you can still die if you just start mashing buttons and the fights are bound to get harder as the game goes on. I don't understand where all this preordained hate is coming from. It's like people have been wanting to hate DA2 from before it even started to be in development, so they take any reason they can find to stand up and say that it's ruined forever (I feel like this exact cycle of pre-release hate happened with ME2).
  • @LtSquigs: Nah, I don't hate it.  In fact, I preordered it after playing the demo even though I still have yet to beat the first game! :P  It's just different, not bad.
  • I'm in the midst of DA:O. Once I finish that and Awakening, i'll be all over DAII.
  • @Fripplebubby: Same here, where are you at in the game so far? jc
  • @WolfOfOne: I just scored the Urn of Sacred Ashes a few minutes ago. That whole bit is great, there's a solid amount of a variety. As a whole, i'm enjoying it a ton. I'm scrambling to have it finished by or around the DAII release, but I find that unlikely. All in all, playing it just makes me want Skyrim even more. 
  • @Fripplebubby: Ah, I finished that a few days ago, but I think i'm doing things backwards as I went to the elves, cured the arl, went to the circle, and now I'm finally going to orzamar.  Not a way I would play again (at least as a mage, I should've went to the circle first as it would have made other areas easier).  I think I'm sitting at 20% completion... so yeah I don't see myself finishing it in time for DAII
  • The UI simplification has helped a whole lot. Combat is more fluid although they seem to jump around a lot. The new skill tree is a welcome sight and the facial animations seem better.
    I think some of the in-game cinematics could have been better handled. Some of the finishing moves (if you will) ones could have been rendered in game as animations. I kind of liked how they did that for DA:O. Also, why couldn't I jump in and prevent my brother and the Templar from getting killed? I get it, exposition but I'm standing right there like an idiot while all this is happening? 
    Otherwise very enjoyable. I'll probably wait till the first price drop or Steam sale to get it, I won't be able to download it in March anyway
    Thanks Canada.
  • So the people defending it saying it wasn't consolized now aren't saying that anymore. 
    Now they are saying its just "better". Which means they aren't PC gamers apparently.... 
    I am severely disappointed with the demo. Mass effect -> to mass effect 2 MADE SENSE! The game became so much better. But they really shouldn't have changed that much in Dragon Age... I would of been happy with just more of that with some minor tweaks. Now it just feels too simple and different... like a different company did it trying to capture the success of Dragon Age: O which would of been fine... 
    And the whole thing that made DA:O really cool was the fact that you could start with so many different races and classes and stuff.... BAH! 
    I am not a fan.  
  • No the whole thing that made DA:O cool was the incredibly well done characters, the great progression, and the general Bioware quality.  There doesn't seem to be any indication that any of that will be missing from DA2.
    The origin thing was interesting in DA:O but let's be honest, it was incredibly short and barely came out past the beginning of the game, and the crazy thing is something comparable to that idea still exists in DA2, but better.  
    In DA2 how you play the game defines how you're character became the Champion of Kirkwall. It's essentially the same thing as the origins mechanic (minus the races, still got classes though), except it's better because it allows you to feel the effects of your decisions throughout the whole game, and not just right at the beginning and during one small part in the middle like Origins. (Or at the very end in a very wordy epilogue, which is kind of cool but I bet that will still be in DA2)
    Honestly, the Demo just confirmed to me that DA2 is just going to be DA:O just slightly tweaked to make it more fun to play.
    I guess if liking slower games, clunky mechanics, and the ability to play as a Dwarf makes me a PC gamer. Then yeah, I'm glad to say I'm not a PC gamer. I'll sit down and rave about how Baldurs Gate 2 is a great game, how Half-Life 1 was a seminal game, and go on and on about how Star Craft 1 was awesome, but here's a little secret I'm gonna let you in on: games have been getting better every year. (in general) That means console games and PC games, and as they steal good idea from each other they get even better. I feel like DA2 is just the natural progression of Bioware getting better at making games, learning from Mass Effect, Jade Empire, KoTOR and such. 
    Guess I'll go turn in my PC gamer card and enjoy these games more. 
    EDIT: Also, I'm still saying it's not consolized. Seriously, playing DA:O through again right now and it feels very similar to DA2.

  • Don't know why you're being so defensive about it. Bioware has literally come out and said, "Hey the majority of DAO sales was on the consoles, it just makes sense to go after that market." I can go find the quote for you if you want.
    Which is fine, that's their business decision to make. Doesn't mean I should drink the kool-aid and be happy about it. Despite what they say, most of the changes to DA2 were made the summer before DAO even came out, so I don't buy that they were made in response to feedback from fans after playing DAO. EA was already ready to write off DAO as a niche PC game, and then it caught them off guard by outselling ME2.  
    I mean, the lead designer on DAO was so unhappy with the direction DA2 was going in that he quit Bioware. 

    Discussion on Dragon Age 2 began around this time and looking ahead I knew that I wasn’t going to be satisfied with what Dragon Age 2 would be. Party control/tactical combat are huge factors in my enjoyment of a role-playing game as is adopting the role of the hero (i.e., customizing my character). I was fairly certain Dragon Age would transition towards more of a Mass Effect experience, which while enjoyable is not the type of role-playing game I play. Could I be the lead designer on such a title? Certainly… though if I were going to work on a game adopting a set-in-stone protagonist I’d rather work on something lighter, like a shooter.

    Through a series of circumstances it was decided that with my not wanting to participate on Dragon Age 2 it was time to transition in a new lead to finish the Dragon Age console versions and ramp up for Dragon Age 2. I moved out of an active lead role though I stayed on for several months performing quality assurance and helping with the transition. I completed the game several times during this period and racked up the second or third highest bug totals… so, still busy but doing something quite different.