I need a entry-level DSLR!!!!

Created by SteveJobs on March 15, 2012, 6:31 p.m.
  • Hmm.. I've been out of the loop on camera tech for awhile now.. you might shoot an email to Loyd Case.  He's fairy knowledgeable when it comes to photography.  If anything, I'm sure he could at least point you in the right direction.  You can reach him here.  He's written an article for tested on living with 30 inch monitors i believe :)
  • @SteveJobs:
    The 1000D should be fine though the a230 has a higher maximum ISO. From some of the reviews I've seen where they directly compare the 1000D to the a230, the former has much better image quality.
    This review is even so nice as to have comparisons between the a230, the 1000D and the Nikon D3000 : LINK
    I'm a Canon man so I'm pretty biased but when I had my XSi (which was my first DSLR) I was quite happy with it.

  • Personally, I would stay away from Sony cameras. I feel that Sony is a market leader when it comes to TV's but when it comes to other consumer electronics such as headphones, laptops, speakers, head units, and yes, even cameras, there are far better choices to pick from. 
    With that said, I would look into a nice Canon T1i. They are entry level, offer competent shooting capabilities, and Canon is reknowned for their DIGIC image processors. I had the tough decision between a Canon T2i and a G11. Ultimately, I purchased the Canon G11 over the T2i because I value portability moreso than extreme capability with my current shooting habits. 
    For accessories, I buy my camera goods only at BeachCamera or B&H. I would start looking at these places for your purchase first. 
    Also, I have found that the following site is a great resource for all things digital camera:  http://www.dpreview.com/
  • @garetjax said:
    Also, I have found that the following site is a great resource for all things digital camera:  http://www.dpreview.com/ "
    Ah, yep, that is a great resource, I couldn't for the life of me remember the link thou :P  I second your recc.
  • I'd stick to Nikon or Canon for your DSLRs.  Not because that some of the other camera manufacturers are necessarily bad, but the lenses are much easier to find and supported for Nikon or Canon bodies.  It becomes very hard to find good lenses for other camera models.  You can, but you're really limiting yourself, since some of the big third party manufacturers mostly make lenses for canon or nikon mounts as well.
    Myself I am partial to Nikon, and a D60 or a D5000 are both pretty good starting cameras that are pretty cheap, the D5000 may be the better way to go.  The D90 is great as well, but a bit more expensive than the other two.  I wouldn't really get the kit lens they come with, but save the money and buy your own lenses for the purposes you may need.

  • While I would be a bit weary for a new camera now (a refreshed/new Nikon model was on the front page of Engadget... Canon not far behind), I would definitely look at the Canon cheaper SLRs. 
    I tend to agree with addfwyn - stick with Cannon or Nikon. They're trust, respected, and widespread brands for a good reason. ;)