Awkward Gift

Created by simian on March 15, 2012, 6:28 p.m.
  • I want to preface this by saying that I don't want to come off as ungrateful and unappreciative for receiving this gift. The gift giver (my Mom) was genuinely excited to give this to me and her heart was in the right place. Aaaanyhow.
    I rarely get to see my parents on my birthday so yesterday was a rare treat in that my mother happened to be in town the day before. We went out for a nice brunch at the hotel she was staying up and in the restaurant she puts a wrapped box on the table. OH BOY PRESENTS.
    This is what was in the box (the image isn't me btw).
    The idea behind this bracer is sound I suppose but in application it looks like a combination of girdle & corset / S&M He-Man. I tried it on and I was almost too embarassed to leave the bedroom. At first my wife couldn't stop laughing but then, grim faced, told me there was no way I was allowed to wear it outside the house. I'm inclined to sort of agree with her. 
     Does anyone have one of these or tried them? Am I crazy?
  • i think if you were wearing a long ass coat that covered most of it, you could get away with it.
  • @BaskervilleManor:  True it's not the most sexy hobby / profession though this is the first time I've seen something like this. In my journeys across the interwebs I've seen holsters, hip clips, shoulder slings and various hand supporting grips. I think the target market for this would be someone who needs full use of their hands but has free space in front of their torso e.g hiking or light climbing. It's not a horrible-sweater-mom-got-you-which-you-hide-in-your-closet-just-in-case-she-ever-asks-about-it item but there's something a little off putting about it.
  • wear it backwards so the cams are on your back :)
  • Hate gifts like that.  Those are the worst especially when it comes from family (ie the parents -_-).  You have to appreciate the effort and thought they put into buying something like that for you.  But it might not always be what you want or would wear (dam sweaters!).
    Man I know I have gotten some awkward gifts from grandparents and parents, but have never used them and just kinda hide them or put them off to the side.
  • Obviously you've disappointed your mother by failing to grow up to become a masked crime fighter.
  • looks awesome
  • I can't really see any use for this, unless you have to use more than one camera at a time. The stock sling's just perfect (usually). 
    But that's very considerate, she did that probably to prevent you from any sore neck/back after carrying a heavy camera+lens... 
    But I totally agree, that's not really... beautiful.
  • But think how badass it would be if in one slot was a camera and in the other... A gun

  • @GTFShadow:  I have an affliction shirt sitting my dresser that fits this bill perfectly.
    @lane:  Or a member of some tactical assault team. 
    @Fripplebubby: "You're getting shot one way or the other, mother fucker."