Why does this 1080p video look like it is low-res?

Created by Jayross on March 15, 2012, 6:27 p.m.
  • Hey Tested, another video question here. I am trying to figure out why this 1080p video looks like it is a lower resolution.

    (You probably want to click on the video and watch it in HD)

    I realize it is a bit out of focus, but even still, it looks like it was shot with a decent web-cam. What gives? Is it the camera? I am zoomed in all the way with my lens, but that shouldn't matter, right?

    Thanks Tested, you guys rock!

    UPDATE: Here is my 2nd video. It came out much better, in my opinion.

  • @Jayross: Are you using any digital zoom, or just the optical provided by the lens? Watching video now.

    EDIT: Try playing around a bit more with the focus and depth of field, for a sec. there in the vid it looked like you hit the right focus and it was very sharp

  • @WolfOfOne: It's only optical zoom. Question: how do I adjust depth of field? I thought they only thing I could do was adjust the focus...

  • @Jayross: tbh I'm not sure the exact settings you need to adjust, but it's likely possible that you can at least attain some measure of control over it. @CROM: ? First thing though is playing with the focus, maybe take it off of auto for that video and try getting it right manually (if it's possible to do so while recording, i dunno if that camera can or not)

  • Update: Okay, here is my 2nd video. Much better than the first one. I zoomed all the way in on the object I wanted to focus on, manually focused it, then zoomed out for the broader view. Then I pressed record. It looks pretty crisp and colors look pretty good, too.

    @WolfOfOne: I used manual focus in the first video, that's how I was able to transition from really out of focus to kinda-in-focus during the video.

  • @Jayross:Yeah that's looking better. I want to say that you can control depth of field via the f-stop but I'm not sure, it's been a long time since I've read about photography stuff :/