Stuck/hot pixel on Canon 550D

Created by akaGajba on March 21, 2016, 5:56 a.m.
  • A friend bought a used Canon 550D, and after a couple of months noticed there was a stuck white pixel. I googled the problem, and it seems people had success with manual sensor cleaning, though that didn't work for my freind. Is there a way to fix that?

  • if it is on the LCD screen, then you are stuck. Canon will not fix/ replace for just one pixel. It doesn't affect the quality of the photographs, correct? It's just an annoyance?

  • @DragonDan: No, not on the LCD. On the sensor. You can't even tell there's a white dot on the LCD until you zoom in on the part of the captured photo. It's not easy to spot in photos (but it's there), but it is very noticeable in video.

  • unfortunately, you cant unstick a pixel unless your camera has "pixel Remapping." newer cameras like my xpro 2 has this feature... thank god too, because I had a red hot pixel smack dab in the middle of my check to see if you have pixel mapping in the 550D, unfortunately im a Nikon and Fuji user so im dumb when it comes to canon

  • I had a stuck/hot pixel on an original Digital Rebel that I was able to unstick. The technique was quite simple. It would be easier with a tripod and an interval timer, but you can do it without either.

    • Find a white/off-white wall, preferably continuous tone.
    • Go to manual focus and defocus the lens.
    • Set to manual exposure: something that will give you a high shutter speed, so probably a high ISO. Don't worry if your exposure isn't spot-on.
    • Shot a LOT of photos, a hundred or two.

    Now look at the resulting images, specifically the final few. Chances are, the pixel is unstuck. It was unstuck for me, and it stayed that way. I still have the camera, it's still fine.

    I don't know if it will work with other brand cameras or non-DSLR digital cameras, but it can't hurt to try.