Need Help Finding a Laptop for Photo Editing

Created by QuirkyGiraffe on July 13, 2015, 4:34 p.m.
  • Hey Testers,

    I have recently found out that ill traveling around for a while and I need a laptop. The main job for the laptop is for photo editing, I have always used my desktop so this problem has never come up before and this is all new to me. Price is not really a matter I just need the best possible option.

    If anyone has any ides then please reply thanks.

  • I haven't had a laptop in a long time. I always imagined that maybe the next time I get a laptop I'd get a Macbook Pro for once just to know what it's like. And if I hate OSX or whatever the OS is up to now, I could just used the great hardware with the upcoming Windows 10.

    However, recently I've been wondering if I might not want a tablet format instead. And if I want to use my Lightroom and Photoshop then I need full on Windows and not iOS or Android. I've been patiently waiting on details for the Surface Pro 4. Also looking at the Wacom Companion 2. I have the 27" Wacom Cintiq QHD and the best part about editing is the customizable remote that it comes with. Once I dive deeper into photoshop the pen and touch abilities I'm sure will come more into play, but right now flicking through all my images and rating them and all that. It's great. And the Companion 2 is also compatible with the same remote. The only problem is that it just isn't as elegant in design as the Surface Pros. They can't even find a way to dock their pens into the hardware and it still have to clumsily attach it. I'd lose that pen in a week.

    So at the moment I'm personally waiting for details on the Surface Pro 4 and waiting to see if there will be anything that's a deal breaker for me.

  • I would look at MSI and ASUS gaming laptops. They are as close to a workstation you will get without going custom. You will want a good wireless KB and mouse set (trust me). Expect to spend 1200-1500 USD for comparable performance.

    I have an MSI Ghost 15" and it just served me well on a month long work trip. A little pricey, but man it was nice to have something that just worked without workarounds. Ran ARC-GIS Desktop, Google Earth-Pro, and Photoshop simultaneous while on a Goto/Citrix meeting with no issues.

  • My current main machine is a MacBook Pro 15" (Retina Mid 2012, 16GB RAM, 250GB SSD). I do/teach/develop course materials on image editing with Photoshop and have no complaints. Of course I will happily upgrade to the next model when it's available (and my department's budget allows it ;-)

  • Thanks for the comments. I'm still not sure what one, I want I am torn between a MacBook and a MSI Ghost like MantaBase recommended.

  • Hi I'm a big fan of the Dell Precision Line of Portable Work Stations, its one of the few laptop lines that is completely user updatable/expandable. I am currently running a Dell M6700 that I use primarily as a standalone CAD/Photoshop work station, which I have been using for 3 problem free years. Additionally I added memory and hard drives without voiding the warranty. Best of Luck in your travels.

  • Let's back up for a moment.

    @QuirkyGiraffe, what kind of editing software will you be using? What kind of images will you be taking (vacation snaps with a P&S or massive RAW files from a D810)? Do you have a strong preference for Windows or OSX?

  • @mclaren777 , Hey I mainly use Adobe software shooting in raw files. I would prefer to use windows just because I don't have any Apple products and Im already in the windows eco system, After looking around I realize that most high end laptops will run fine with what I am using, Im just worried about the screens on them.I like to use a really crisp monitor ( This one do you have any ideas?

  • If that's the screen you currently have, any laptop screen is going to be frustrating due to its size.

    I actually think the Ghost might be a great choice. Also, consider this one if 17 inches isn't too large...