LightBox Photography Cards!

Created by pmkane on March 25, 2015, 1:35 p.m.
  • First post - and yes, I know it seems very commercial - but I am super proud of this.

    But before I do, wanted to say how much I am enjoying my time on the Tested site - especially Adam's man cave videos! Blown away by the one-day builds, the attention to detail with all the movie replicas . . . just stunning. I joined up in August of last year and this site has been a welcome distraction in the day to day life of this creative professional!

    So onto my project: LightBox Photography Cards. This will interest many of you camera buffs - and please - this isn't a commercial - more bragging rights - I finally found one of those "I wish I had thought of that" moments!!

    Earlier this year, on January 5th, I launched a project on Kickstarter called LightBox Photography Cards . . . it was a 30-day campaign and I was pretty sure I had something pretty special - but nowhere near what it ended up doing!

    The concept - A deck of playing cards designed to inspire hobbyists and die-hard shooters alike with 52 different photo challenges! Shuffle up, pick a card and spend a certain amount of time shooting that challenge - could be as simple as "Circles" or something that requires some more thought, like "Solitude."

    The backs of the cards feature an inspiration quote and the fronts issue a challenge, spark your imagination with some dialog and offer up a shot of my own solution to the challenge.

    After 30 days, we hit over 930% of our goal and had 1,885 backers from 25 different countries! Simply blown away! We're now in the production phase of the project with fulfillment only a month and a handful of weeks away! This is a real game changer and I couldn't be happier!!

    I've since launched the official site for the cards and am already at work on the next two follow up decks and am in the development stages of an app!

    Thanks so much for listening . . . hope you'll check them out!


  • @pmkane: Congrats and great idea! I can see this as a great tool for those between projects moments to help build up a portfolio or getting out of a rut if you have lost your muse.

    Awesome job and wish you all success.

  • Thanks so much, KylevT . . . exactly who I had in mind when I created these - or more precise, the "me" from all those years ago struggling to find something to shoot - to find my own nitch - my own style.


  • @pmkane That is such an awesome idea! The best part is that you could easily take it into different mediums. As a beginning maker and amateur woodworker, someone could make a deck of cards that has a skill/mini project on each card. Another kind of "between projects" idea, with simple tasks that someone could try out. When they finish the deck, that person could have built up a small amount of knowledge in many fields.

    Now that I think about it, it would make a great gift for beginners. Let them dip their toes in a lot of pools to see where their interests lie. I know it is way past what you have here, but I was thinking out loud, as it were.

    Either way, great product and I'll definitely look at them for the photographers that I know. Wonderful gift idea and I'm on the same line as @KylevT , I wish success with this and future endeavors.

  • Thanks, Andy - it could apply to a great many hobby/crafts, couldn't it! I am hard at work on a "Macro" Edition while this one is at the printers . . . it's a very exciting time!!


  • @pmkane I checked out your site and must say it looks wonderful. The price points you have on the products is perfect, though I would have expected something with that level of quality to be priced around double. This may help me alleviate some birthday and Christmas shopping, early.

  • @andy.fancher The price point was very important to keep low - this hobby/profession is expensive enough as is. The campaign enabled me to produce over 10,000 of these decks - 6,000 of which are already spoken for! Keeping the price point low was a goal from day one - these are perfect for those looking to get their photographer friends a gift without breaking the bank. What excited me even more was the ability to produce the Photo Notes, which were add-ons to the original campaign. I am an avid note taker and have always wanted a note book geared specifically for photographers - so I created one! Sourced in the US . . . printed on 100% recycled material using soy based inks, the book turned out better than I had hoped!!

    Thank you so very much for the kinds words - there's no greater joy then seeing your idea prove successful and producing something real that came from your thoughts. Such an exciting time!!