Software Recommendations

Created by STORMP00PER on July 20, 2012, 11:27 a.m.
  • Hi all, does anyone know of any good windows software for organising photos stored on hard drive. Needs to build folder structure (or indexing?) based on the ability to tag people, places and events as a minimum. My first thought would be something similar to programmes that create structures for htpcs maybe but specifically for photos? thanks in advance for any suggestions. Cheers. PS - does anyone know if windows 8 will natively perform these functions?

  • Windows 8 will natively be better than current systems for organizing pictures, but I couldn't say how much so or in what way :'( . Have you tried picasa? I don't do any photo stuff, so that's the only photo program I'm aware of. Sorry

  • I'd second Picasa, it can do all those things OP :)