NEX-5T or a6000 or ...

Created by LilJoker757 on Feb. 23, 2015, 11:23 a.m.
  • To start out I have always been into nature/scenery/sunsets etc.. I did a lot of photography around my senior year of high school with of course a point and shoot. Some years later the urge has come back, especially after driving a week from VA to WA a couple of years ago...I'm kicking myself in the butt now for not having a camera (mirrorless or DSLR, I did have to fly back though in a very tiny tiny plane for my layover so my carry on luggage got thrown in the bottom but I kept my laptop with me so maybe not a DSLR) during that but it didn't bug me much. Now though, I really want to get "back" into it..of course step up to a point where I enjoy my photos since taking pictures with my cellphone and a crappy what to be "DSLR" with so much noise in pictures it's better suited for being a paperweight.

    After some bit of "research" and with a price point of around USD $600 give or take $50-ish or so. I leaning towards the a6000 which WITHOUT a lens is about $550 (with possibly waiting a couple of weeks and getting a different lens) but the NEX-5TL is $400 with a stock lens. Now one thing my eyes always seem to focus on with pictures is noise and for some reason I can't stop looking at or hating it with a PLEASE keep that in mind if you can help recommend either the a6000, the NEX-5TL or maybe some DSLR...I'm not worried how good a camera is for taking pictures of people, I'm not a people person and plan on sticking to landscapes and such with of course my dog in some. This will technically be my first good camera but having some of the basics in hand (or being rusty with some things) I really feel like going with an older model wouldn't be good because hopefully one of those choices will last me a few years until I really step up since the ultimate goal is some form of astrophotography or just a better camera in general.

    I just want to finish with saying this is my first time on the Tested forums, loved the community for a little while now and with Norm, The Wirecutter, all the photos and blog posts; figured I hopefully can get some assistance here. Having a Bestbuy card and them having a "camera sale" this whole week (2/22/15-3/1/15) they might have something in at my local store but if not Amazon is just fine with me. Sorry for the long post!! Any and all recommendations for BOTH camera and lenses are greatly appreciated!!

  • Here's a random list of advice...

    • Buy gear from companies like B&H or Adorama if you can
    • Never buy the kit lens except in rare circumstances (24-105L)
    • The Sigma 19mm, 30mm, and 60mm lenses are fantastic