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  • It's Saturday evening (here), and I don't have anyone to talk to about photography so I thought I'd post a thread here to see where it goes. I'm an avid reader of several camera rumor sites and an aspiring photographer as well as somewhat of a tech geek, which of course makes this forum the ideal place for a discussion. I'm also hoping that it will be more on the level than the forums of the rumor sites where blanket statements and brandloyalty goes before anything else.

    Let me say right from the get go that I am a Canon shooter. For me it's a question about economy, not brand loyalty. The cost and hassle of exchanging all my gear for another brand is frankly too much for me. That said, that if I had alot more money I would be shooting with both Nikon (D810, for overall image quality) and Sony (A7s, for outstanding ISO performance) without hesitation, but for now I'm sticking with Canon.

    Which brings me to my second bit. Next week (6th of February) Canon is expected to announce at least three new cameras. Two are high megapixel variants of the 5D Mark 3, called the 5Ds and the 5Ds R. The difference between them is that the R does not have an AA filter. Both cameras are claimed to feature a 50.6 MP sensor, something that would edge Canon out infront in the MP race, albeit probably for a short time only. It's also said that Canon will announce the third iteration of it's EOS M mirrorless camera.

    I'm not interested in the high megapixel cameras, mainly due to the fact that it's bound to be outside my pricerange. It's also a camera that seems to be best suited for studio and landscape work, which is in sharp contrast to the sport, event and wildlife photography that I'm interested in. I am however interested in the new EOS M, which is rumored to have an optional EVF. I can definately see this camera as a second or third body, something to take on vacations and other times when I don't want to lug around a 5D Mark 2 with a battery grip.

    What do you guys think?

  • Drat, forgot the new Rebel 750D/T6i. So make that four new cameras.

  • Well, sunday evening with a similar people-problem here. :)

    I'm a Canon shooter as well, but the glass is a mix between Canon and Sigma, and I'm not particularly brand loyal; I just figure out what I need and find something that fits that need well enough. By now I've enough EF-mount glass that I don't really feel like switching systems, but even if I had an unlimited budget, I don't really see myself buying a Nikon/Sony/Whatever system anyway. Simply because I don't feel the quality improvements they might possibly bring outweigh the cost and hassle of learning a new system.

    And frankly you'd need to switch to medium format for a gigantic leap in quality these days. Sure, if you pixel peep you might see enough improvement in sharpness or high-ISO noise performance to motivate a switch, but if we're talking, say, prints at a normal viewing distance? Hardly. Web-scale images? Not a snowballs chance in hell it matters. You'd get much more bang for the buck by getting better glass, better light, or going out to shoot more.

    If we're going to geek out about body rumors though, the 5Ds/R is interesting, if the higher pixel density doesn't degrade noise performance too much. Will certainly be keeping an eye on it. The 750D doesn't really interest me that much at all.

    Regarding travel cameras.. I don't think I'd go for an M. I've only juggled one in a store for five minutes, but I didn't really like the ergonomics/feel of it. You still need to lug lenses around, and it probably won't fit neatly in a pocket with anything larger than the 22/f2. And I imagine the balance with a tele, or for that matter an adaptered EF lens, is completely ballsed up.

    I currently use an 'old' Fuji X10, which I wouldn't recommend. The ergonomics suck and the quality is so-so. But I'm seriously eyeing the newer X100s/X100t to replace it; by the looks of it they've gotten rid of all the shittyness of the first gen X-series stuff. We'll see. That's about the largest I'd consider for a secondary/travel camera though. If I'm going to leave the DSRL kit at home, I'm sure as hell not bringing anything else with separate lenses etc. But that's me.

  • I'm an established photographer who specializes in weddings and corporate events. I shoot with a 6D/5D3 combo and a ton of Canon/Sigma glass. I'm really looking forward to seeing how the sensor on the 5Ds stacks up. If it has the same latitude and dynamic range as Sony's recent sensors, I will be thrilled. The 5D4 is what I'm patiently waiting for and I would love to see Canon use modern tech in a 24-28 megapixel package.

    I recently rented a Fuji X-T1 and a Sony a7II and I found them both to be wanting for various reasons. I don't see myself embracing mirrorless tech for at least another 3+ years.

  • So I was wrong. They released five new cameras. The headliners, the 5Ds and the 5Ds R, are pretty much what the rumors said. 50 Mp cameras that seemed to be aimed principally for landscape and studio work. Both seem to become priced just below $4000, which is pretty much what I expected. Of course people on the rumor sites are complaining about this and that, then again, that seems to be the main purpose of rumor sites.

    All in all I'm quite happy with the releases, though it's not for the usual reasons. The main reason is the fact that I'm planning on buying a 7D2 as my second body for use when sports, events and wildlife photography, and this new release does not impact that in any way. The worst that could happen is that the 5D4 is released as an around camera at a sufficiently competitive price, but I don't see that as very probable.

    All in all I feel quite good about being a Canon shooter as of now. That's not to say that I wouldn't have been feeling the same if I had been a Nikon shooter and had invested in a D750 (without the flare issue).

  • The new 5D cameras are definitely the headliners, but I'm far more intrigued by the T6s. If it has a thoroughly modern sensor, it could be a real winner for Canon. Plus, the Rebel line probably makes far more revenue and profit for them anyway.

  • I am super tempted by the 5DS and 5DS R, because they are more in the size range that i am looking for, for large art prints, and complex macro shots. Where having more pixels to work with makes a huge difference in print quality. I've been shooting Medium format film lately in order to get the large print quality I am looking for, than digitizing and some cases coloring. (since i am shooting black and white).

    Its 50mpx would put me right in the resolution range of the low end medium format bodies. Without the required cost change to move to a new lens eco system. (all my medium format gear is vintage full manual). I already put my name on the listen with canon for a trial body, though no idea how long that will take. I don't take advantage of the trial program through them very often but when I do its been a good experience

  • I hate to break it to you, but the 5Ds/5DsR are both sold out at B&H and Adorama.

  • I know i am not in a rush for one, I almost preordered one the other day when they first sent out the early preorder chance.

    If I was doing more than art related stuff I would of just ordered one right away and taken a chance.

  • I think that using a 5Ds/5DsR for that @TsunamiJuan, is definitely the ideal way to utilize a camera of that caliber. Then again, the best camera is.. And so on.

  • I guess my only worry with M3 is how fast and accurate will the autofocus be? Will it sluggish (as in metabones on sony painfully slow) or actually snappy (like the LA EA4 adapter)?

  • It will be far faster than a Metabones on a Sony. That's a terrible combo for AF.