Where do I go to find out about copyright for photography?

Created by Anominal on Nov. 12, 2014, 12:41 p.m.
  • I remember hearing about some website that is pretty dedicated about educating about that stuff, but I can't remember what it is. I'd like to finally learn how to register my images.

    How is copyright in regards to Facebook? I remember some old podcasts talking about how posting images there first is bad in terms of copyright, but that information could be way outdated. (This is separate from the way Facebook messes with the image quality of course.)

    And of course I'd like to find the best way to share some of the stuff I've been doing over here.

  • @Anominal: You own the copyright to any of your own photos that you post to Facebook.

    A lot of the people who raise concerns about Facebook for photos are seemingly not versed in Copyright law, considering the nature of some of the "Facebook steals your photos" claims I've seen...

    They often refer to TOS statements such as those allowing Facebook to "be granted a licence to display users' images alongside content from commercial partners and make money off it", or similar wording. However, terms like those are simply necessary for a user to access your photo-gallery while a banner ad is displayed in the sidebar, and does not mean they can sell your photos for advertising purposes.

    They have a lot of those, and while they sound pretty ominous, they only exist so that facebook users and apps can access your photos if the relevant permissions allow it. When people fail to understand that, you get the misguided outrage we witnessed when FB integrated itself into Instagram and millions of users seemingly read their first TOS.

    There is a risk when you upload something to the internet that someone will grab the photo and use with without permission, but make no mistake, you still own the copyrights.

  • I think most publishers handle a lot of copyright for their clients.

    You can get your work stamped by a government official, it's not exactly copyright but I think it can be used as proof of ownership in law. (I'm not sure about this it might depend on the legal system of your country.)

    A lot of art websites (like Defiantart.com) have some sort of licensing option to protect your work. Facebook is a horrible way to show off your artwork but can be a good place to find viewers, so upload your work to an art site and link it on Facebook. Besides being a good place to show your art, these websites are also a good way to contact other artists, ask them what they did when they started out and what worked for them.

    And remember to always consult an expert.

  • You can register all of your photography with the US copyright office for $35.


  • Thanks for the replies everyone.

    Is there a maximum file size that can be uploaded in one session?
    Yes. The eCO system has a 60-minute upload time out that limits the size of files that can be uploaded in one session. See the table below for guidance.

    Well... hmm... that's an odd way to do things. Since we can register everything unpublished at once, I was hoping to be lazy and just throw up all my images in one registration. I guess I should go and actually filter out the 95% crap from my photos before registering.

  • Just make them all be 100 KB files. They don't have to be native-res.