Wi-Fi camera over network (not ad-hoc)

Created by General Desire on Nov. 6, 2014, 1:29 a.m.
  • Hi,

    For work I need to find a camera that welders in the workshop can use to send pictures over Wi-Fi to a random computer location. That computer won't be next to the camera, so it needs to be able to go over a router. I also want it do be able to drop pictures in a specified folder, not that they can only be imported using some annoying software.

    Will the Powershot N100 be able to do this? I'm looking through the manual and keep getting confused when I read the sentence "Remember; when sending images to your computer you are using the computer; not the camera". I want instant, no-action sending of the picture to the drive.

    Or am I better of getting an Eye-Fi Pro X2 combined with a random camera?


  • Are iDevices and the iCloud an option to use for this purpose? Take out smart device, it sends to cloud services, everyone who has access can see/use.

    (use whatever devices you want, just thinking out loud about the problem)

  • Hmm, I have thought about smartphones (Im an Android guy, but I'm sure the idea is the same) being way better for the flawless sending of files, but I don't think they'd serve too well in a workshop environment, picture quality will be worse (rather dark environment), etc. So in the end, I think they're not an option. Thanks for thinking out loud!

  • What about something like the Samsung Galaxy Camera? It's not the greatest camera out there but it runs Android so you should be able to setup an automatic photo sharing scheme.
  • I actually think Eye-Fi might be the best option. That way you can use almost any camera you want.

  • I agree with @mclaren777 Eye-Fi is your best call. it's really simple and if all you are going to do is set it up once and leave it, it's a no brainer.

  • But it seems nowadays they don't sell/produce the Pro X2 anymore, and the Mobi can only generate its own network (hence ad hoc) ?

  • http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/896329-REG/