OnePlus One mega photoshoot (noobmode HDR)

Created by General Desire on Oct. 5, 2014, 8:34 a.m.
  • Ola! I recently went on a 4 week bike trip through magnificent Scotland and took pictures with my OnePlus One. I thought you might be interested to see these, certainly since so many people have been getting invites from other nice people on the forum. I put noobmode HDR in the title, because I took all pictures in HDR and just clicked away. I have occasionally done a picture in normal non-HDR mode, but I'm just a big sucker for the massive drama HDR sometimes adds. I think I am your typical phone-camera user; I don't want to think about settings too much, and don't own a dedicated camera. So really; this gallery should show quite well how the OPO takes pictures. Does this mean it doesn't take crappy pictures? Nope; I narrowed down from 1300+ photos to these, although quite a lot of bad pictures were due to my lens being smudgy or shooting straight into the sun with massive glares as a result, etc.

    It's still a pretty big library at around 150 pics, then again, it was a long trip. Could you summarize the whole album as pictures of mountains, water, my bike, tents and cows? Well.. yes, but then you don't get tourism ;) I hope you enjoy them!



    PS: I'm new to Flickr and have not managed to prevent it from completely screwing up the order of my pictures. Shouldn't matter to you.

  • Awesome. I've never heard of the OnePlus before. Seems like an interesting phone.

    And that camera seems pretty decent on it. In particular I love the simple windmill pic. The clouds in that shot make the whole thing pretty amazing. The breakfast by the water pic is a great concept, I'd probably play around with cropping it but it's good stuff. And I also like the shot with the box things in the foreground. Just a quick trip to Lightroom to try and brighten those up to bring more attention to them and balance out the picture more and it's pretty awesome. (Although that's probably getting past your desire to keep things simple, and letting the camera do what it does.) I like how the pillowy clouds up in the sky contrast with blocky shapes of whatever those are. That third pic of the spire is also one of my favorites.

  • These photos look amazing, I have a feeling I'm going to fall in love with the One when it gets here. :)

    I'm probably moving to the UK in 2015, maybe I'll have to retrace that bike-ride, because it looks fantastic!

  • As a fellow OPO owner (and professional photographer), I wanted to congratulate you on the excellent images.

    I particularly like the one of the castle near the beginning.

  • Thanks everyone!

    @Anominal , I think going through Lightroom beats the purpose of not really bothering too much, but maybe I'll check it out to see what's possible, cause I do have some ruined shots due to a flare or whatever. I thought it only worked with .raw files though? (not sure if phones can shoot raw? I doubt it)

    @kim_a Definitely do so. It's been amazing, people are incredibly nice, landscapes are fantastic, and there's so much more to do than is possible in one trip. Where are you coming from and moving to?

  • Coming from San Francisco and moving to London (I also lived there from 2009-2010), most likely. Plans are still taking shape :)

  • Whyyyyyy. I can't wait to find a way to move to SF. My degree should allow me, just should find a company that interests me, wants to hire me and wants to put up with the visa stuff. Thing is that most of my interests are smaller companies and they can't afford the visa stuff. Participated in my first green card lottery this year ;)

  • @General Desire Yeah, I understand if it's defeats the point of super noobmode. With that said... Lightroom itself, while it has some powerfully advanced features, it also has a built in noobmode that can already do wonders by just moving some sliders. (Make the shadows darker/lighter, make the whole image brighter/darker, make the whole image warmer/cooler, etc.) I barely know how to use Lightroom, but even the noobmode features are impressive.

    Either way, glad you like the phone and such a nice trip, and thanks for sharing!

  • @General Desire: The answer is visa stuff, missed the H1B lottery this year (was working for a very small company) and my post-graduation work permit expires before the next application period, meaning I couldn't work or stay in the country between February and October. Goes without saying why that makes me unlikely to get sponsored by my current company :p

    I used to live in London, it is pretty a good place for my industry and I won't have to worry about visa issues, so it makes sense to go back there.

  • Ahaaa, you're not American yourself, got it! ;) Out of interest (hijacking my own topic is allowed right? :D) cause I might be faced with similar stuff at some point; if you missed H1, can't you just extend J1 for another year?

  • @General Desire: Honestly have no idea, I was on F1 and then doing post-graduation OPT under that F1, which can not be extended. My only option for staying was finding a company wiling to wait and then going back to school, full time, for two semesters.