Some sweet downhill biking footage from a DJI Phantom

Created by kim_a on Aug. 12, 2014, 7:51 a.m.
  • Hi Tested forums,

    my friend Kent just posted this video he shot and edited a couple of weeks ago. Footage was shot using a couple of different rigs for the GoPro, as well as some very tight flying using a DJI Phantom. Not sure what the legality of drone flying/footage is back in Norway these days, but man does it look awesome. Check it out, and if you like it give him a Like or a comment. :)


  • I really wanted to get into mountain biking for the past 2 summers, it's just so damn expensive though.

    I live near Tahoe, so we have Northstar and Kirwood that are open for downhill mountain biking, and then there are plenty of public trails in the Tahoe area as well. I don't have a bike though so a single day at Northstar would cost over $200, so I haven't done it.

    It does seem like tons of fun though.

  • @SLUSHIE: I've never gone, but since my friend's back in Norway are so into it, I've felt like trying for a while. It looks terrifying, though :p

  • That's some brave drone flying!!

  • thats so awesome! I have the dii phantom but i haven't really gotten a chance to do something that cool!