Anti reflective coating starting to wear off the screen (Lumix GX1)

Created by achoyq on May 20, 2014, 5:24 p.m.
  • About a year or so ago I got a Lumix GX1 and was pretty happy with it, 'til a few months ago I noticed the purple-ish coating on my LCD screen started to wear off. At first it was just a small portion of the screen, but lately it has gotten really bad that I need to take action as I'm having a hard time seeing anything when using the camera outside.

    I read at dpreview of people having the same issue, and have solved the problem by peeling off the film with the anti coating. As I'm not ready to something that drastic, maybe some folks here at tested could help me out? Think some acetone or rubbing alcohol might remove the remaining anti glare coat off my screen? Any help is appreciated!

  • What you would be doing by using rubbing alcohol or something would just be doing effectively the same thing as the other people are doing by removing the film. Removing the film (and then optionally replacing it with a screen protector of some kind) will give you the best results I think.

  • Good point. The reason why I kinda don't want to remove the film is because it's a bit hard to do so (to be honest I'm not even sure if there is a film on there as removing the film didn't cross my mind as of yet ). Any advice as to how to safely remove protectors on LCD screens is appreciated.

  • It can be tricky to remove the films themselves without damaging the screen. I would look on the forums where people are having this issue and see what methods they are using for removing it. I would probably get a hard plastic wedge/chisel of some sort and pick and a corner of the protective layer on top of the screen. Beyond that, I defer you to whatever they're doing to get good results.

  • Guess I'm gonna have to do research as how to remove it then. Thanks!

  • Side note, keep in mind that the screens colors are probably calibrated for what ever distortion that anti reflective coating adds. Sometimes this includes a good sized shift in color spectrum. So if your doing things that are color sensitive or are particularly annoyed when your colors seem off, this might add to such annoyances.

  • @TsunamiJuan: Noted! Thanks!